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Change in Income Limits: Will You Get More or Less Child Benefit?

Starting with February 1, there will be changes in annual government revenue constraints such as child benefit, state scholarships, reduced wages and light meals. Thus, in the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MDDSZ), they respond to the call of the Free Trade Union Confederation of Slovenia (ZSSS) to amend the law on the exercise of rights from public funds, which would prevent the consequences of raising the minimum wage.

"Minister Ksenija Klampfer has issued a decree on the harmonization of annual income thresholds for 2019, ” t The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed today, adding that from February 1, they will agree on a 1.4 percent restriction on individual income. "The income thresholds are thus aligned with the right to child benefit, state scholarships, reduced nursery school fees and entitlement to pupils'", tthey wrote MDDSZ.

This means, for example, that, for example, a family currently receiving an average monthly income of EUR 310 per annum is now in the 3rd income group and will now be classified in income class 2 as a result of raising the income threshold and hence higher. child benefit.

The differences are increasing in proportion to the highest income level, which, according to the new, will have an average per capita income of between € 856 and € 1,034 (up to € 844 to € 1,019).

Don't submit new applications because "raising earnings limits is not a statutory change"

"In this regard, we note that this is only taken into account if a new application for child benefit or a possible change in the child benefit is made, but not only at the time of receiving the child benefit, as raising the income threshold is not a statutory change based on which may be the subject of a new decision, " attached MDDSZ.

The Ministry of Finance is still amending the law

At the same time, the ZSSS also warned the Ministry of Finance that the scale for the assessment of personal income tax and relief did not change for the third year running. "Gross wage increase with gross wage increase, thus increasing gross wages in budget rather than net wages of employees".

The Ministry calls for the Law on Personal Income Tax to be amended and the Income Tax and Incentive Assessment Scale for 2019 and 2020 to be harmonized to implement the purpose and objectives of the Minimum Wage Act Amendment. Without changing the Law on Personal Income Tax and Personal Income Tax and Benefit Assessment Scale, the net salary of employees who receive the minimum wage will be lower, which is not essentially the purpose of this law and the legislator, they stressed.

Minister of Finance Andrej Bertoncelj A week ago, they announced that the proposal for tax optimization would be prepared and submitted within one month. There are nine actions that will also be submitted to the Economic and Social Council. He said he would also consider the ZSSS proposal, "to the extent public finances allow it".

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