Monday , September 27 2021

Celjani wants Zagreb's black traditions in Zagreb

CELJE – They were once the giant of the European handbag. Zagreb was, even legendary Iztok Pucem, the old continental club champion in 1992 and 1993 already in the sword on the rocks Pelican trail towards Celje old castle knows and exhilarates that Celje Pivovarna Laško was the best in 2003/04. the season. Today there are different times, but the Yugoslav handbag school is still valued, but in some countries with a huge amount of money in clubs, the Champions League was more or less done in the rich people's race for a reputable laurel. Eighth and bitter rivals from Croatia and Slovenia will be included in the seventh round of this year's Champions' Cup at. 20:00 in Zagreb, but the next Sunday will be Zlatogruga's eighth-place duel. In the sixth place, it is the last driver in the eighth finals, Celje with four points, the seventh Zagreb (3) and the eighth engine (2), so it's clear that today's confrontation in the Zagreb arena will not be mathematical, but above all psychologically, they have doubled in the struggle for graduates.

Let's remind you of the game at the Sports Center in 2000/01. In the season, after fans of Bad Blue Boys Celje Goalkeeper Dejan Peric At the end of the game, coins with coins. At that time, the arrival of the Celje team on the ground was so high in police equipment, as if it were a popular demonstration against an unpopular president. This time he will play again on knife, but thrill attacks are not only a theoretical concept. "The cost of this game, of course, is not the same as it was in these years of introduction, but it would be a real, hard men's game, which was still the calculations of Zagreb and Celje. We need to concentrate our thoughts on the playground no matter what happens around us. The whole game will require maximum concentration, since such derby is usually decided at the end, and the result is often the result of the above element, "says coach Celje Tomaž Ocvirk.

Victory is not imperative

For a colleague in the opposite bench, the legendary Lina Cervar, he also has his own opinion. "The Cervar system works perfectly, individuals are not so important, the most important thing is a discipline that is significant to them. Defense is a priority and they are attacking long-lasting attacks," said Okvirk. "However, we will never put pressure on him. Celje has never won a Zagreb, so no one now demands it," the round-headed assailant thought Igor Anich. "I have to emphasize that all our positive results are not objective, because the result is that the participants of this race have provided even more than 100 percent of their abilities by themselves. I have to respect this. It is our reality, we must always overcome our abilities. For Celje, they would have made a mistake if they thought too much about the outcome because it does not see the games, "coach Lina Cervar pompred. "We have to respect the Celje players as they form a serious team. I hope we will not find too much mistake in nervousness that we will play the game as we need it," added Zagreb goalkeeper, Slovenian spokesman Urh Kastelic.

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