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Boris Cavazza celebrates the anniversary today


In the event of a jubilee, younger colleagues take the river to the heart, saying that no one else will help you unless you are alone. "Talent is only ten percent, everything else is hard work," he said.

Actor, screenwriter and director Boriss Cavazza, One of the Slovenian cinema and theater giants today celebrates 80 years.

On February 2, 1939, Boris Cavazza was born in Milan, his father was Italian and his mother was Slovenka. When he was nine years old, the family moved to Slovenia. After primary school, he attended the Piran Maritime School in 1956, and from 1960 to 1963 he traveled by sea.

In 1964 he joined the Ljubljana Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). After completing his studies, he worked at the Slovenian Permanent Theater (SSG) in Trieste and in 1971 became SNG Drama Ljubljana. As Cavazza said, he was lucky that as soon as he arrived in drama, he played one of the main performances led by the Moliera Scapin trick Petra Lotshaka. Otherwise, he estimates that his most fertile period was from the late 1970s to the early 90s: "At that time, I played some of the main roles that contributed to my development."

In his career, Cavazza collaborated with almost all Slovenian theaters and worked as a professor at AGRFT. In 1992, he debuted again as a director with Seig, Sam in Ljubljana drama, and since then has regularly arrived in Slovenian theaters as a film and television director as a screenwriter.

Asked if any of the roles he played was particularly close to him, he said that Scapin had already been mentioned, and in the 1980s, Stavrogin Bash Dostoyevsky, a doctor at Janchar's great diamond wear and Danton's Benner's Danton's death. And later, the old figure of Glembay in Krleja's drama Glembaeva, Atelje 212 in Belgrade. "Each of these characters has improved my term in my terms," the player thought.

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Among his latest performances is comedy drama V SNG drama Ljubljana Boris, Milena, Radko Dusan Jovanovic, He also played in the last game Matthew Filipčiča Diraka chord, also in drama. Cavazza, who recently had some health problems, wants to continue playing: "Now everything depends on the consequences of my disease, but I hope I will still be on stage and in front of the camera."

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In addition to the theater, Cavazza also played films in Slovenia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and some international co-productions. He is known, for example, as Tony's role in "They are gay", directed by Jože Bevec, director of the Tenor movie "Carolina Washler Widow", Matjaz Klopčič or Matthew's Pasijon under Matthew, led by Lord Zafranović. Among his latest films is a short contact person and personal luggage by both director Janez Lapineet and Piran-Piran director Goran Vojnovich.

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In 2017, the Slovenian Association of Directors awarded him the Bert Prize for his work in the field of film games, and last year he was honored by the President of the Republic, Borut Pahor, with a gold order that was in vain for a creative opus. "He is a troubled seeker and creator whose depictions of his heroes' passion, loss, pain, humiliation and illusion are permanently recorded in the memory of the Slovenian theater," among other things, it was written in logical reasoning. Cavazza received several other awards for her work, including Severev, Badjurovo, Župančičevo, the Prešeren Prize for Life and Borštnik.

Asked if he thinks that Slovenian players today have enough opportunities for self-employment in their profession, he said it was difficult to answer, but he certainly knows that they are disabled: "Theaters are completely busy, and many players remain in front of the door or rarely get the right options. Unless their quality is so high that it allows them to do the job they need." He tells his younger colleagues: "" Trust your tears, "or" Trust yourself and your horse. "No one else will help if you are not alone, talent is only ten percent, everything else is hard work," he concluded.

Cavazza is also a musician. As vocalist Boris Cavazza performs a quintet (also a quartet) and sometimes joins the Fake Orchestra. Vesna Milek was included in a biographical novel published in 2011 by the Student Publishing House, following a player's life.

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