Monday , February 6 2023

Blizzard is planning mobile games from all of its franchises


Unless you've been living under the stone, you've certainly heard what Blizzard's developer shows in his Blizzcon when he announced "Diablo Immortal", which is exclusive to mobile phones. Their fans, who mostly stay at the computer platform, screamed and screamed widely on the Internet, and this issue is still not calm.

And Blizzard is not the co-founder of the studio, Allen Adham told Korean Youtube Channel 리뷰 뷰 하텍 that the announcement of the Diablo Immortal title was just the beginning.

"Many of us played mobile phones while gaming on a computer, and now many of our best developers are working on mobile devices that will get most of our franchises. Some of them work with external partners, like Diablo Immortal, and we develop some titles completely inwardly and soon we will be able to share more information about them. Today, we have more products than ever before in our development, and our future is very bright. "

Adams explained that they have devoted themselves to mobile devices, mainly because they are finally approaching the computer and console forces that will allow them to reach out to their youngest audiences in the US, who mainly play addresses on their mobile phones.

In the end, Allen confirmed that they did not forget their loyal computer audience and that several teams are developing various Diablo projects that will be revealed in the future.

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