Sunday , June 4 2023

Attention, preventive police action Alcohol – News begins


It seems that one of the main culprits of drinking is already worn, but that is still true. But while the statistics are improving, the goal will be achieved if no driver is behind the wheel and the alcohol is not responsible for any traffic accident, not to mention injury or death. That is why the Slovenian police are making this campaign a year again alcohol, which includes policemen from 4 to 11 November to exercise strict control over the use of alcohol in circulation.

As a result of the alcohol consumption of the causers, 14 people died on the roads by 30 September of the year, which is 46 percent less than the previous year. The development is therefore noticeable. Nevertheless, the Transport Safety Agency is working to consider alcohol as an offense to alcohol when it comes to detecting a crime, as more stringent sanctions are expected to make drivers more aware of their actions.

Every drop of alcohol is too much

Another area, more specifically those who need to pay more attention in the future, are those who are under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel, but in quantities that are allowed in the border. According to surveys of road safety factors, the most dangerous is the cause of fatal accidents. It gives as much percentage as the sober leaders take this part only 0.4 percent.

"Because of the presence of alcohol, transport is endangered by all road users, and as a company, it has to take a step to collectively collect NO for alcohol and other illicit substances behind the wheel. By driving zero alcohol tolerance to alcohol consequently, more security on the Slovenian roads is needed, we ask the competent authorities to rethink the adoption of this proposal, Mag. Igor VelovDirector of the Road Safety Agency.

The activities that take place next week are not only related to the tightening of traffic control but also to raising public awareness about the dangers of drinking in circulation. As a result, 12 Slovenian municipalities will receive 2500 free alchemists, which will be distributed among train drivers and will take part in preventive measures at the Slovenian Wine Festival on November 15-16. between.

Therefore, if in the coming days, during the various days of martinization in Slovenia, you are partying and in front of him, make sure you are safely home. And last but not least, when the event in December is the highest date of celebration, the advice of the previous sentence also applies in the weeks and months following the end of the alcohol campaign.

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