Saturday , March 6 2021

Aneta did not find any support for Nico's nickname because of a harsh statement

Although it seems to be so Aneta she does not have many ally, and she always threatens to move to the first duelist, because in the end everyone is protecting herself and always pays pebbles to another – as she described the Russian roulette Alexander. So he showed a short time this time Frank, who became the first dueler, but after the events, it was probably a miserable one, because no one expected what would happen later.

Aneta confused before voting for the first dueler, as she asked the teammates to choose her to choose her opponent and thus increase the chances of staying in the show. Her tactics were the most exciting Zdenko. She said that Aneta was always intimidated and encouraged by the races she should vote for in favor. "I have attracted you for six weeks and the seventh is not. You have no culture. If you do not respect your parents, you can not even be others." "This grandmother is not nowhere" she was harsh, with Anet's attention to her parents, where she was most ailing because of her hard childhood.

Zdenko Zdenko was tears

If Aneta, for that reason, made an act in the act, the teammates were more likely to understand it, but her movement caused an explosion because she took the time and after a few hours later came to the table after a delay and said:Zdenka, you know very well what kind of childhood I was when my father died when I was small, I grew up in difficult conditions. Now I go to your level: it is the greatest divine punishment for the old years to be alone. Karma is a bitch. Your husband already knew why he went to the other side!"

Zdenka shook unconcentrated roaches, shocked that her teammates were gladly enthusiastic and cursed at the event. "However, the stone wept, not to mention the man, "She said Sabina

Aneta claimed that Zdenka had hit her hard and it was hot all day. "I stand by my actions, I will not allow anyone to come and visit me, Zdenki could give me dear" she was indescribable.

Franco at Aneto: "Be silent!"

But the team members did not understand. "If you were smart, you would not have come to that level, you showed what you are. Be silent, because you do not deserve to be here! Look what you did!"Frank was angry.

"It's not normal. Every time in his kitchen he thought of how she would touch her, "Sabina could not believe Thaya she added: "It was really annoying from Aneta. "

She did not find support for Nickam

"I am also a person under the skin. I cried too. Now she is daunting, but I do not like my parents? Who is more worthy, husband or older?"Aneta asked Nika, but also did not find support.

"I'm dumb. I believe that Aneta is hurt and I know my childhood, but in this way … it's very rude and very important. It was really too far, I still do not believe it happened. I do not think it will fall to such a low level, "he was surprised.

Franco denied that Aneto would now really ruin the battle. Will he keep his promise, will he choose someone he thinks he is a lighter opponent? She is afraid because in this case Aneta would choose a fight and know she was trained.

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