Wednesday , March 22 2023

Aljaz Ivachich to Portland for 225,000 Euros


Slovenian football team Aljaz Iwacchi will continue his career at the North American MLS MLS team at Portland Timbers, approving STA at Ljubljana Olympics, where Ivačič last played. The people of Ljubljana will receive a compensation of 225,000 euros for a 25-year-old network guard who started his career with green and white.

Ivachitch, who is just waiting for a visa, signed a contract with Portland for two years, with the possibility of two more. In the first year, his salary will be 150,000 dollars (about 130,000 euros), another 165,000 (144,000 euros), the third 225,000 (196,000 euros) and the fourth 275,000 (240,000 euros). These are gross amounts and the tax is 25%.

Portland, also played by Argentine people with European experience Diego Valeri and Sebastian Blanco, won the fifth place in the Western Conference last season and ended in the final, where Atlanta United left him.

Several days ago, Ivačič will be third in the MLS league in Slovenia, the Houston Dynamo team strengthens Aljaz Struna, and since then the New York Revolution MLS is played by Antonio Delamea Mlinar.

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