Tuesday , February 7 2023

Xiaomi introduced its wireless AirPods. It costs € 25


The Chinese manufacturer showed its headphones similar to Apple's products.

Xiami has unveiled the world's new AirDots wireless headset, which will attract interest in particular because of price. initially Apple AirPods costs around 150 euros.

The headset has a charging case and very small dimensions. Thanks to silicone, it provides better sound insulation. They also support Bluetooth 5.0, which should provide lower power consumption. Available in white.

Each headset has a weight of 4.2 grams. The AirDots spell allows you to play music for about four hours, and the charging body has to provide energy for 12 hours of playback. They also let you take a call using the touch panel on the headset.

It is not yet known if the device will appear in Europe.

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It is not yet known if the device will appear in Europe.

Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is asking for 199 yuan, which is about 25 euros. The price tag in Europe is likely to be different – sometimes it is higher by up to 10% VAT, customs and shipping costs. But the company has not yet announced whether the handset will be available outside of China.

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