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When can you start downloading Cyberpunk 2077? Some maybe even today


Information on all the platform in the article.

Are you looking forward to counting down every hour until you really start the long-awaited game Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time? No? Never worry because CD Project Red however He pointed out on Twitter this week when players around the world will finally be able to play the game for the first time. On the map, which is the same color as the infamous hesitation letter You can see the exact time to unlock the game for PC and stadium in your corner of the world.

Of course, the same time applies to us as to Warsaw, and therefore on Thursday, 10 December, in the morning. Console players who have pre-ordered the game in digital form can enjoy the game an hour earlier as they will be unlocked worldwide from midnight on December 10th. It may not make sense to mention the owners of the disc versions, because in Slovakia we do not yet have a chain where we would buy the game at midnight, so these players will have to wait for later hours.

But what about pre-installing the game? In this map, we also have the answer to this question, no of course, these are just digital pre-orders, with one exception. PC subscribers will be able to start installing the game on Monday, December 7th. The GOG store will offer this option from 12:00 US time, and Steam will join Epic at 17:00. PS4 players can start downloading two days before release, ie December 8, and vice versa, for Xbox players this option is two days. Even more interesting is the fact that Xbox gamers can start downloading a game without pre-ordering, thanks to the Xbox application on their smartphone, which usually offers this option for other games as well. So if you have pre-ordered a physical copy of the Xbox game, with this convenience you can avoid the annoying installation on the day of release, just insert the disc at home and play.

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