Saturday , July 24 2021

What does a solar eclipse look like in Mars?

Curiosity took two months.

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Although Mars has two months, none of them can sunbathe completely. The recent prejudices of Phobos and Deimos have accumulated a curiosity from the surface of Mars.

Phobos Moon is about 26 kilometers wide. It is the largest moon in Maros, but one of the smallest in the solar system.

When the Sun goes forward, there is a circular eclipse – a sun wheel is visible at the edges of the shadow.

Curiosity spacecraft captured on March 26, 1989. Click the mouse to start the animation.

Deimos are even smaller than Phobos, about 16 kilometers wide.

Therefore, astronomers do not talk about eclipse, but about the transition of the moon before the Sun. The probe took her on March 17th.

The Curiosity spacecraft acquired all the photos of the camera with special filters for direct observation of the sun. Another tool fixed in the sky on Mars was a circular phobic.

On the shots you can see how the sky stood when the moon shadow moved across Curiosty.

Mars eclipse observations help scientists explore the Moon orbits. So far, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity probes have gone through eight Deimos transitions and 40 Phobos Solar eclipses.

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