Saturday , May 15 2021

We want to support the deposit for a payment. We are a family

Coalition SD-SD should vote for 64 years of retirement age and opposition voting.

The plan is to support the movement. We are a family. This was announced by Petra Krištúfková at a professional conference on the future of organized pensions by the OĽANO.

At the October meeting, the vote on constitutional action was postponed until the next November meeting. However, at that time, it was planned to support the LSNS and the CIS coalition party, while Mosta-Hid's deputies were free to vote, but they criticized the proposal from the outset. "We are consistently in half a year, and we still think that such a parameter is not in the Slovenian Constitution"said Vice-President Mosta-Hid Ivan Švejn. We are the family of Krištúfková, who simply claimed that the MPs will support the retirement age of 64 years.

Opposition SaS continues to object to this proposal. "Our position is clear, we are against the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, "added Liberal leader Richard Sulick. He also pointed out that Smer-SD is the one who cut off the increase in retirement age.

The OBEAN Movement has abolished its proposal for a retirement age adjustment. This step still insists that people are free to decide if they will soon be after 40 years of work. The proposal for a Constitution for Smer-SD is not supposed to be supported. "The main difference between our alternative and the Smer-SD proposal is that our offer will not have Armageddon's public finances," said Ogor Igor Matovich. At the same time, according to Kṛṣtufkova's statement, he pointed out that there was a serious situation The headline SD will lose one vote for an unmarried member to convey the constitutional movement.

With regard to the Smer-SD and OLEn proposals, the Budgetary Council (HRC) has concluded that the Ombudsman's proposal has a significantly reduced impact on the long-term sustainability of public finances. However, they both see certain risks.

According to the RRD, the OREA proposal will affect economic growth, which could be less than 0.5% of GDP, as the number of people dropping out of the labor market is down. Higher retirement costs would be higher than at least 0.1% of GDP. According to the RRR, the negative effect would be a change in the method of determining the retirement age. "The proposal would have a significantly lower impact on the long-term sustainability of public finances compared to retirement age"said HRS President Ivan Shramko, adding that the Budget Council also considers the political risk of the future." Politicians could try to raise pensions for their low pensions, despite the fact that they are low due to long-term retirement. "The changes proposed may be related to a more pronounced change in behavior when deciding on the retirement age," added Shramko.

With the Smer-SD proposal, the Budget Council reiterated that this is a very costly measure for the future. "The introduction of ceilings will lead to a deterioration of long-term sustainability, which will have to be compensated," said Shramko. According to the Board, the negative impact on the balance of the general government budget over the next 50 years will amount to 1.6% of gross domestic product (GDP). Gross debt will increase by 80.2% of GDP, which is € 138 billion. The long-term sustainability of public finances will also decline by one percentage point of GDP. "Slovakia does not have long-term sustainable funding, we need measures of 1.1% of GDP, and we must achieve a stable surplus of public finances over the next decade," said Shramko. The contributions to the Social Insurance Company should be gradually increased.

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