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VW Tarok: New Pikap born in Sao Paulo. Take a lot and SUV Comfort – News – Auto


Volkswagen Sao Paulo demonstrates the concept of picaport, which is smaller than the current Amarok. It is not far in production. Despite its compact size, it can do a lot. Especially thanks to the cabin connection to the cargo space.

VW Tarok concept shows a solid look ...

VW Tarok concept is true
smaller longitudinal image. An interesting feature is the rear roof rim
style "smart", which will also remain in the final version.


Volkswagen is currently a pickup truck. He is luxurious
Amarok And since the car has implanted a 6-cylinder 3.0 TDI,
he does better than ever. And so it can not be wise
Volkswagen pays another pike that is more affordable.
Although Europe does not take this class, it is precisely these regions
piccades are very popular. We not only talk about the USA, where it has been for years
best-selling Ford F-150. For example in the south
In America

The cargo space length is 1 206 mm and ...

Cargo space has a base
length 1 206 mm and ton load.
Author: Volkswagen

A German automaker appeared here at the Sao Paulo Motor Show
the concept of a smaller picok Tarok. This is the largest market since Brazil is
the largest and most populated country in the region. Only live in Sao Paulo
11 million people and neighboring territories up to 29 million. in all
Brazil has more than 200 million inhabitants. And here there is no longer
really a problem. Therefore, Volkswagen does not deny that the concept of Tarok is essentially
prototype pre-production model of the serial model that will arrive in the near future
tamojshi on the market.

The interior is arranged in a civil SUV style. And ...

The interior is decorated in style
civilians. So he got a virtual cockpit or multimedia interface with
full connectivity Take the crew of five people.
Author: Volkswagen

According to VW's chief designer Klaus Bischoff, Tarok combines a city style with Tarok
crossover with authentic off-road character. Human action buttons are
almost five meters in length, which means it is about 30 cm shorter than
Amarok In the form of the concept, he could afford magnificent mask LED lights and
logos, rear lights with rails or two-color body painting.
An interesting element is the "Targa" back loop, which
it's possible that the final version will remain. The interior is designed to offer personal comfort
5-member crew car.

Opening the wall of the rear cabin and folding ...

After opening the wall of the rear cabin and
The Tarok will process a load of up to 2775 mm when lowering the luggage compartment.


That's why it is equipped almost like an SUV. The dashboard is virtual
a cockpit as well as a multimedia interface with full connectivity. However, Tarok
he does not forget about his work on DNA. It will do more than you think. she's
The secret is the connection of the cargo compartment to the salon. just now
lower the backrest and the panel that separates from the loading area from the inside.
Then the length of the "housing" is extended from a small size from 1 206 mm to 1861 mm.
This is not the end. If you assemble the back cover, take Tarok products
2 775 mm in length on a flat floor. He leans down to the load
one tonne

The latest SUV design is also modern ...

Exterior SUV modernity
also features a 4-cylinder 1.4 TSI (110 kW), combined with a 6-speed automatic
gearbox and smooth two-axle drive. But also independent hanging
all wheels.
Author: Volkswagen

A well-known 4-cylinder 1.4 TSI turbocharger runs under the hood
110 kW, suitable for burning in Brazil's popular ethanol. And now
clean E100 or E22. Connected is 6 degrees
automatic gearbox and 4Motion permanent drive, which means that
the driving system is closer to today's SUV than the classic work
Pick-ups. Similarly, it is a chassis with an independent suspension for all
Wheels, even if the rear are spring-loaded with a leaf.

On sale, Tarok first obtains a two-liter diesel engine
2.0 TDI (110 kW). Maybe it will be next year. or
Tarok goes to Europe, it's not. This will be done in South America
lines. For example, VW is Brazil's largest automobile manufacturer.

VW Tarok Concept -

VW Tarok Concept -

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