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Voting ends, municipal elections without major problems – 2018 public elections – elections


Important information about local elections

Former SR Ivan President
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Voters activity in advance
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22:00 Election rooms are closed, commissions are commenced
add votes Local elections in Slovakia were adopted without
bigger problems but they did not get involved.
Security and peaceful elections were monitored by police patrols. spokeswoman
Police Chiefs of Staff, Denisa Balogh, have confirmed the police at the time
Election Day has received several impulses from citizens. They were particularly worried
alleged breach of election preparation, suspected of a moratorium or
election corruption.

21:51 There are also electoral processes in the Nitra region
minutes before the closure of polling stations.

21:32 Gabčiks won the city status in 2016 and
Saturday's local elections run smoothly. He confirmed it
Chairman of the Local Election Commission Szilárd Vida. "Everything goes according to the law,
so there was no problem. It's sleek, "he said, adding that he had come
vote for pretty little people.

He pointed out that Gabčiku is one constituency, but for this reason
residents are divided into four districts. That's the council
they choose the same candidates. He also expressed the opportunity to choose a portable urn,
in particular by using an out-door house and submitting it in accordance with the law
I request.

21:25 All of Orava and Liptov districts they go to
local elections smoothly and without disturbances. Saturday night all confirmed
the chairmen or registrants of the district electoral commissions concerned.
"During the inspections we did, everything was fine. We ran
more chains, we went through several villages, we checked everything and we did not do it
there is no initiative ", the district election commission chairman Ruzomberok approached
Marcel Koleštík.

21:18 The high number of counting participants has been registered
Commission in some constituencies in the north of Tisovec
Rimavskosobotského district. According to the chairman of the commission
and another member of the Commission is more involved than last year
elections in the highest territorial units, but also in comparison
with previous municipalities in 2014. The reason for the tallest elections
Participation is also that in the city after 28 years the bed changes
Mayor, because it is already there after seven seasons
He did not stand.

21:02 Smaller incidents were handled by district voters
Košice Commission As President Branislav Kocper said, it was, for example
study students or write requests close to polling stations
space, but more and more observers are present at the polling station.

20:55 Many minutes of breaks in the elections on the IXth month
should not be in accordance with the chairman of the National Financial Election and Control Commission
political party Eduard Báránya postpone the addition of votes and
publication of preliminary results. Election rooms are
towns and villages closed at noon 22

20:45 Police received more than one election day
Citizens' incentives, which relate in particular to the possible termination of studies
elections, suspected of moratorium violations and election corruption. She confirmed it
Speaker of the Presidium of the Police Force Denisa Baloghova. "By the day
the election process was more than two hundred, of which about
half of the crimes, about forty violations, and we also record
60 others, "said Balogh.

20:20 Bratislava municipal elections are also held in the evening
peaceful way. This was confirmed by the parish and local elections in Bratislava
Commission. So far, the District Electoral Commission has shown great interest
Bratislava elections. Several cities have confirmed it. before
some polling stations even formed during the day
and counseling.

19:57 Eurostat will be the first time
to continuously display the results of the election of the mayors in Bratislava
Košice's mayor, how the results will be calculated and signed
voting from separate districts.
(More in the article voting
two hours longer, the intermediates appear after
22 hours

19:56 It depends on the processing speed of the election results
from a number of factors. Compared to previous general elections a year
To vote in 2014, the vote will take another two hours and the vote will take place at noon. 20:00
at 22:00.

19:31 The local elections process takes place in Turks
calm and without serious problems. Says district writer
Election commission in Martha Viera in Toporov.

19:28 Gemeru districts Rimavská Sobota, Revúca a
Roznava municipal elections are without problems. They confirmed it
district election commission members.

Eva Chmelová

Eva Chmelová Author: SITA, Ľudovít

19:10 The number of voter turnout proposals is closer
National Electoral Commission and observers. "It's true that it's very much
The activists watched the election, "she told the media this afternoon
Political financing at the headquarters of the National Commission for Elections and Control
The party presented the election, referendum and director of political parties
SR Ministry of the Interior (MV) Eva Chmelová.

19:00 Election participation in the cities of Lucenec and Fiľakov
Lucenne is still quite low.
More interest
Currently municipal elections are held in villages in this area, especially in places
there are more mayoral candidates. He informed the district's writer
Electoral Commission Yaroslav Morchech. He added that the commission was not yet
resolve any incentives. During the day the incidents appeared when they arrived
election moratorium violation. However, they were reported directly to
said Morocco police.

18:32 Police announce on election day danger
moving along the road without reflective elements.
"Cops today
monitoring the electoral process, so they spotted crowds in this area
people, especially in villages, walk along the road without reflective elements,
risking their lives ", they point out in the social network.

18:10 The State Commission also considered a possible claim
buying Roma voices in Lozorno (Malacky District). in Lozorno
voters may be in a voter constituency. Country
the Election Commission asked the district electoral commission to clarify the situation
on the spot and joined the police, which if these suspicions were related
confirms will continue to do so.

17:47 Terchova in the Zilina district was possible
The chairman of the local electoral commission, Jana Turčanová, on Saturday
municipal elections to vote for ten voters
90 years.

Nine-three-year-old voter Joseph David with ...

Nine-three-year-old voter Joseph
Dávidík with his grandson in the village of Terchová in the polling station

Author: TASR,
Erika Ďurčová

17:44 Members of the Zvolen District Electoral Commission, who
monitor the conduct of local elections in Zvolen, Detva and Krupina districts,
have not yet registered a serious voter turnout. Only in the village
In the district of Brezina, Zvolen appeared early in the morning in the municipality's office where he was
organizing elections, abusive inscription. This incident is solved by the police.

17:16 Andrei Danko, the chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, resigned from the village
Miloslavov – Alzbieta Dvor. It is very important to include people in politics
he said on Saturday evening after the vote
urn "Komuna is just as good a preparation for a bigger policy.
I really have the fact that I am in my region, in my village
something has changed, "he said.

He suggests that people do not like the politicians who are today
in politics, but it's very important that not everyone, just the "hundral", but
even join the policy. "In my opinion, municipal elections are also special
because they got me into politics, "said Danko, adding that he was serving
people and society are much more complicated than he originally had imagined.

Andrei Danko, Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic ...

Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Andrey
Danko polling station during the municipal elections 2018 v
village Miloslavov – Alžbetin Dvor.
Author: TASR, Pavel

17:15 Suspicion for buying votes, violations
a moratorium or dissatisfaction with the operation of district election commissions. so
are the proposals that the National Electoral Commission resolves on election day, and
controlling political party funding. Confirmed
ministerial election, referendum and political party director
the interior of Eva Chmelová.

16:59 Police in several Banskobystrický districts
The county has several suggestions. "They are mainly related to suspicion of
a criminal law on defamation, a moratorium on elections or an election violation
corruption All these stimuli are being reviewed, "she said
Regional police chief in Banska Bystrica
Maria Faltani, with nothing more serious or unusual
not recorded

16:27 In the electoral district, the fifth polling station is eight
Another foreigner has not voted in Pucov district. They do not
the concerns of some tenderers that may be affected by foreigners
elections According to Katarina Roháčová, a member of the district electoral commission, the law
vote in their district for about 1,000 voters. Lists are in the area
615 people were registered without a permanent place of residence and 126 foreigners were registered.

16:10 Two elections were held in the morning of November 10, 2018
Martina Červeňová from Lubov municipality Ľubľa. She came back for the first time
his vote in municipal elections in the municipalities of 2018 and then,
with Patrick Oleinak, the future husband was taken to the church in which they chose
a common journey through life.

Happy Bride Martina Červeňová from Liptovská ...

Happy Bride Martina
Červeňová from the village of Liptov in the Ľubeľa municipality office polling station

Author: TASR, Miroslava Mlynárová

16:03 Zilina is still calm and without stimuli
the major voters are waiting for a moment. "They went in the morning
parents in front of the family home with children, but most people are waiting in the evening.
We have not yet taken part in the ongoing participation, but we still think it
15 percent, "one of the members of the district electoral commission said in the settlement

16:01 Local elections in six districts
Spiš is still calm, some villages and towns are clear
greater voter turnout. Register of the District Electoral Commission (ObVK)
Poprad Ladislav Malicky confirmed that they are the polling stations where they should be
people are waiting for a few minutes in a row.

15:56 Nižná Šebastová, Prešov, they choose people
in the old baths.

Unusual choices

15:48 Local elections are lacking in Pastucha
election tension. Target candidate and all candidates
For members, there is only one voice. Mayor Pastuchov wants to be alone
Daniel Tejkal (Smer) and only five general councils
Directorate candidates, although there should be seven members in the village.

15:36 The voters will choose the Scalic district
of the regional mayors. From 1990 to year
In 2006, only one candidate was elected mayor. to
2010 was three, four years later, the number was extended
for one. This year's municipal elections are eight

Authorized member of the government of the Roma communities Peter ...

Government full-fledged Roma representative
from the community of Peter Pollák (OĽaNO)
Author: TASR, Pavel

15:09 In at least two cases in the east of Slovakia
have been suspicious of buying voters. The member said
From the National Political Party Financing Commission Election and Control Peter
Pollák, who especially looks at the elections in Roma camps. As he added
the voters got tickets with the names of the candidates. (Read more in the article Pollak:
Roma voters in the east received drivers with names of candidates

15:00 Summary of current local government election reports:

  • Communal elections in Slovakia started without problems. In the village of Scalati
    In the Chadk district, residents choose six hours in other villages from
    seventh After the election commissions are opened, it is confirmed by the director of the department
    Elections of the Ministry of the Interior, referendum and political parties Eva Chmelová.
    "According to our information, there is no problem,"
    she said. State Commission for the Control of Elections and Political Financing
    The Parties shall consider any recommendations it deems necessary. priority
    is to make the elections without any problems, Chmel added.

    Members of the National Electoral Commission should also go to the polling station
  • Your wife's community in the morning on Saturday
    The President of the Slovak Republic Andrei gave his voice to the municipal elections
    In Poprad's 2nd constituency, he chose both
    Mayor, as well as deputies to the city council. As one
    He acknowledged that he had a lot of unknown and unknown names when he was studying the list of candidates
    He also experienced "family hounds" for the first time.
  • It is important that the citizens of Slovakia do not increase the community
    elections Maybe they do not always understand that there is often a mayor or mayor
    have a greater impact on their quality of life and satisfaction than the government. Fixed
    that on Saturday after the vote, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer).

    He was elected shortly before 10:30 am at the Jan Bakok Elementary School in Banská Bystrica
    Bystrica. As he added, he was ready for the election and was already himself
  • The Bratislava municipal elections began at a time and without problems.
    All polling stations open. They confirmed it in the Bratislava district
    election commission.
    The city electoral commission has not yet been registered
    problems. On Saturday, the mayor of the tenth city will choose Bratislava
    candidates, city deputies from 284 candidates, mayors
    17 municipalities with almost 70 candidates and local members
    out of 846 candidates.
  • The police have received eight complaints of suspicion
    of election corruption, four of them have already begun to happen.

    The Chairman of the Commission for Election and Financial Control informed the Chairman of the Commission
    political party Eduard Bárány. The National Electoral Commission has been resolved
    so far promoting lower commissions or citizens.
    "We focus on those applications related to current events there,
    where it can still be diverted, "said Baran. Incentives associated with
    In the financing of an election campaign, the commission will deal with some
    from other meetings.

14:47 In a small village with 36 inhabitants in Michalovka near
Elections to local authorities will not be elected. this one
Local elections did not show interest in the management of mayors
It is clear to the Member of the European Parliament that the elections will be repeated. People in time
weekend for work at home.

In a small village with 36 inhabitants ...

In a small village with 36 inhabitants
Michalkov at Zvolen, no municipal elections take place.
At the weekend, people are working at home.

Author: TASR,
Lenka Krosláková

14:35 Seven hours after the opening of 77 polling stations
Local elections in Banska Bystrica are peaceful
preparing for the inconvenience that some citizens should have been chairing
district election commissions declare they can not come after them
with portable polling stations. As TASR informed the city chairman
Election commission Juraj Olejček, some people were hospitalized
In Roosevelt Hospital, they requested portable networks, but they did it
they could not The law speaks clearly. Members of the District Electoral Commission
they can not go with a portable ballot box for their "voters" to
in another area. Some people consider it an offense
voting rights

from 10 candidates for mayor
city ​​...

the candidate
to Bratislava Mayor, Matúš
Vallo ...

14:34 At the jungle's head, as one of the smallest
Kosice Urban Parts (MsC) will be held on Saturday after the community
the election is likely to be a woman. Peace Office
namely two candidates.

14:10 With the camera we looked at how we voted in Bratislava
and right on the streets, we asked Bratislava how they spend Saturday and Thursday
they think that voting is important. Learn more here: Poll:
Do not vote and then criticize? No, we heard the streets

14:02 30. 000. Dargovsky Košice Manor
Heroes are different in different constituencies. At the base
school Ľ. Fuller Maurer's Street has four constituencies. members
the election commission in the 13th district does not apply for the number of voters. around
For half an hour even the voters had to wait five to ten minutes
could vote In other cases, a similar look is taken
hours. In other cases, participation is so modest. Well, it is expected that
voters in the afternoon and
evening A similar assumption exists in other districts throughout the suburbs,
what the Koscians call Furca.

13:40 When voting, it may be present
observer He can make an audio, video or audio-video recording from
collection, but it must meet certain conditions. You can do this too
notes, but only on paper, and they should not distribute them, instead of district voters
The commission does not sign the election results. It follows from the resolution
adopted by the State Commission for the Election and Control of Political Financing
during the fourth part of the session (8.11). He was warned by Commissioner Eduard
Baran Recalls that an observer should not interfere in any way
Commission activities.

00:58 Up to now, elections in the regions of Nitra
running smoothly and without incident. According to most of the participants addressed
municipal and district election commissions, but people are constantly moving
to walk.

00:50 Relatively high voters' interest in municipal elections
is located in the Trebisov Roma village. There are two constituencies
of about 1860 voters. Election rooms are in primary school
(Primary School) Ivan Krasks, before they also have councils, and then voters
wait for them to leave.

00:47 In the three Gemeri areas Rožňava, Revúca and
So far, Rimavská Sobota has not seen the District Electoral Commission
there is no problem or lack of influence on municipal elections
voting procedure. TASR informed its writers.

12:24 There is a lot of interest in Bratislava city district of Racha
citizens about the election.
Currently there are local elections
calm "Election participation in the city district is usually around
From 63 to 65 percent, we now expect more, because we see that it comes
Elections also involve young people, "Jarmila Ďuríková said in the TASR
from the municipality of Racha.

Preparing for the elections in Rache and other Bratislava cities
the number of members in the election commissions is small.
Political parties, movements or coalitions, according to Durkins, two
maximum three commission members. "We all need it
completes. Race has 18 constituencies and is approaching
We have to add 50 people from our rows, which is very difficult
a week before the election or the election day, "she said
Compensation for missing members depends on it each year

12:15 Some voters may be helping. the electorate
which itself can not change the vote either for health
disabled or because he can not read or write, he can take along
with assistant ass. A person may complete his or her voting call in accordance with
voter's instructions. This was said by the chairman of the National Electoral Commission
political party funding Eduard Bárány.

"However, this person may not be a member of the District Electoral Commission
the secret of the vote is kept, and it is important that the assistant be
a person whom the voter has chosen and entrusted to him, "he stressed

11:57 Election incident took place in one of two polling stations
from Košice Luník IX district.
Being a constituency
The young man came to the commission and said that he was the first. Then he picked up the ticket
with a printed name for one of the two candidates for local authority and
he asked if he could vote for him. The young man may have said that he has a ticket
gave someone out. The Commission did not allow him to vote and called the police because
she was suspected of violating the electoral law. New police officers departed
from the room through the side door to give explanations.

The chairman of the local electoral commission Jozefina Šaňová said this
The case is handled by the police, which decides on the next procedure. She claimed it
they stopped for a moment to cast the voters in the room, but in a few minutes
they started to lay off again.

11:49 One of the voting rights in Bratislava Petržalka
have come up with advice.
Citizens who wanted to vote had to wait in the morning
until they reach the ballot box. This was the same situation
from Pankúchova 4 Elementary Election Precinct, information
SITA was provided by Petrzalchenko Zuzan, who was in the morning
school to vote

As she added, parents do not like it on the spot
in the hands of the electoral rolls with a list of deputies, mayors and measures. him
reading lasts and lasts so long. "More than half was waiting for the conversation
hours, "added Zuzana.

As Silvija Venkenova from Petržalka's press service said
local office, election afternoon in the largest city of Bratislava
part is peaceful and no violations have been reported yet.

11:37 Candidate to the Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo

11:30 Local elections are still calm
more serious disturbances.
So far, there are only a few suggestions
election corruption. This follows from the findings of the 2005 National Commission
election and control of political party financing. As the media said after
Initial meeting of the National Electoral Commission at its head office in Bratislava
Commission President, Eduard Bárány, inter alia, discussed information from
From the police forces of the Slovak Republic on the security situation, according to which so far
voices without special events. "The police have received eight impulses
related to election corruption, of which four have already begun.
This figure is not huge, "Bárány added.

Eduard Bárány

Eduard Bárány
Robert Hüttner, Truth

The National Electoral Commission also discussed issues and suggestions in the early rounds
from lower grade electoral commissions and from voters. "We focus
whenever possible, those relating to current events
even at this point, it's really something to change something. If someone
makes it more difficult to comply with the funding rules for electoral campaigns
as a very serious one, but in order to solve it we will be closer
meeting, "Bárány explained.

11:22 Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini conveys his vote
Janka Bakoņis Elementary School in Banská Bystrica
soon after ten days. "People do not always understand that the mayor and
The Mayor often affects their quality of life more often and to them
Satisfaction with how they live like a government, "said the prime minister.
it is important that we do not underestimate these choices and not use them
remaining hours. As he said, he was ready for the election, he looked
forward the list of candidates and he had a favorite. "I just paid attention
"Pellegrini added.

According to the Prime Minister, it is important that people use the elections
because all taxes are payable to workers and traders
do not go to the national pound, but 70 percent of all this money goes
cities and municipalities, and 30 percent are higher territorial units. "No euro
of paying people in Slovakia, do not go to the state treasury, so it is
It is extremely important that today people choose who will be
to run the city and local authorities for the next four years, "added the prime minister.

11:20 Radošoviecas inhabitants in the district of Trnava choose the mayor
Candidate for the surname Remenar.
The first person's message is here
asking two candidates Ľubomír Remenár and Miroslav Remenár. voters
from the small village in the vicinity of Jaslovské Bohunice to the ring
lovers should be careful to choose the right one.

A couple of kilometers away, Križovany nad Dudváhom, again people
they will know the name of the next meter. There are only two women who stand out for the game
both Svetlana's circumstances. Svetlana Královičova works at the municipality's office
Assistant Svetlana Masarykova is the current mayor.

Ciferi, Dobrej Vode, Horné Krupej, Lošinci and Malzenice
Trnavas people already know that even after the election they will be alike
as before. The current mayor does not do this in these villages
no candidate, only one vote is necessary for voting.

11:15 Mayor Milos has also been rejected by Trencin
with your wife "For the first time in five years, I finally do well
he slept, and I hope that Trencans will be happy at the hands of the elections, "
he said. Day is going to spend time with the family and enjoy the walks

Milosevic with his wife during the election.

Milo Mičega with his wife

Author: Tatiana Michalková, Pravda

11:09 "Slovak National Party President Andrei Danko
is currently abroad and it is not possible to determine the time of return.
Of course, however, it will use its citizens to close the polls
The right and the vote will take place, "said Tomáš Kostelník, his spokesman.

11:01 Police have received eight complaints about suspected of electoral corruption, of which four have already begun to take place.
The Chairman of the Commission for Election and Financial Control informed the Chairman of the Commission
political party Eduard Bárány.


  • Election issues can be raised with election-related issues
    contact the information line created by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.
    The ministry staff will provide him with information
    about voters, their rights and duties or organizational information
    election security. The information line is open until noon. 22:00
    phone numbers 02/5094 2317 and 02/5094 2312.

The National Electoral Commission has so far been commissioned
lower polls or citizens. "We focus on these applications,
which refers to the current situation in which it can still be managed "
Bárány said. The incentives to fund an election campaign will be
The Commission will focus on one of the other meetings.

10:43 Víchapoca-Opatovčáča near Nitra when they first voted
Iraqi Christian refugees who have lived here since 2016.
Voice has come to transfer another Iraqi married couple. Madam, I'm already doing
several months in the post office village. As explained by the priest Peter Brenow
from the civic association "Premise and Good", Vyjakop-Opatovce
21 Iraqis are currently living. More than 40 of them live in Nitra and
surrounding villages. "They have a permanent residence. For Slovak citizenship
they can apply after four years, "said Brenkus.

The Vietnamese elections in Wyjakopa-Opatovce are currently around ten
percent. According to the chairman of the Electoral Commission, expect the Direct Holkova
In these municipal elections there is more participation because they have two
candidates for mayor. The villagers are fair voters, and they are part of the elections
it is about 65 percent. But when they were in the last year's election
In 2014, one candidate for mayor, only 40 percent came from voters.
"Today, it looks good with membership, it even happens that I am still
choose not good At the moment they were very old, young people are used to arriving in the afternoon
or in the evening, "says Holková. Participation is also a sunny time.

10:36 Mayor has already voted in the capital
Bratislava Ivo Nesrovnal.

10:31 People have objected, says the chairman of the district commission
in Sedmerovec
Sedmerovec Mayor in the Ilavský area
only the managing director, five seats in general at all
The council is interested in five candidates.

According to district election commission chairman Cyril Juricek, it would be better
if the residents of the village had a larger number of choices
candidates. "Today, some people do not want it
parliamentary function, we have had a hard time handling at least five candidates "
Juríček said. He added that this is not about money, but about people
they passed away, they locked home to have each room.

The Sedmerovec village has 429 inhabitants, its pride is the Romanesque church
from the 12th and 13th centuries, located in Pominowiec and is
one of the oldest buildings in the Trencin region. In Sedmere
not a football field, the only village that represents the village is the table
tennis He plays on average every tenth of Sedmere, men playing
Regional Second League. As a gaming room, they serve a small cultural home
the location of the municipality office, as well as the district electoral commission.

10:23 He makes a voice in his wife's company
President of the Slovak Republic Andrejs Kiska.
Neighborhood no. 2 Poprad chose both the mayor and at the same time
deputies to the city council. As he himself admitted, studying
The list of candidates had a lot of names that he did not know, and he also experienced the first time
Family lobbies.

"On Friday we were very honest with our wife, who studied the list of candidates,
In pop, I think that 64 of them have deputies, and we are really worried about what they are.
vote Although these choices are the most complete, so many people
the person just does not know. We personally know about 15-20 percent
candidates, "said the president brief briefing.

Slovākijas Republikas prezidents Andrejs Kiska ...

Slovākijas Republikas prezidents Andrejs
Kiska piestiprina aploksni ar vēlēšanu zīmēm vēlēšanu iecirknī
(Lai palielinātu, noklikšķiniet uz attēla, atveriet jaunā logā)
Autors: TASR, Oliver

Šajā kontekstā viņš mudināja cilvēkus izvēlēties pārstāvjus pēc viņu domām
nevis saskaņā ar solījumiem. „Zažil som prvýkrát aj silný rodinný
lobing, pretože obe naše deti sa dozvedeli, že jedna z ich učiteliek
kandiduje a viackrát mi pripomenuli jej číslo, aby som vedel, komu mám dať
hlas,“ dodal s úsmevom Kiska.

10:20 Exprezident a niekdajší primátor Košíc Rudolf
bol voliť v komunálnych voľbách krátko po deviatej
hodine v košickej mestskej časti Sever, v okrsku umiestnenom v areáli
košickej Univerzity veterinárneho lekárstva a farmácie. „V Košiciach je
to veľmi zložité, pretože vieme, kto sa uchádza post primátora. Nechajme
sa prekvapiť, kto vyhrá. Na strane druhej, mnohí, ktorí by mohli byť
zvolení, tí sa neprihlásili za kandidáta. Neviem prečo, ale nie všetci
majú odvahu uchádzať sa o miesto primátora, starostu, alebo poslanca,“
povedal novinárom Schuster po tom, čo odvolil.

Schuster má aj niekoľko rád a námetov pre novozvoleného primátora, len
nevie, či ich príjme. Podľa neho sú to dobré veci pre mesto. Ako príklad
uviedol, že je pripravený prívod vody cez rúru do mestského parku, kde by
mal vzniknúť otvorený kanál, také košické Benátky v parku, treba
dokončiť potôčik na Hlavnej ulici, či vybudovať v parku na Moyzesovej
sústavu fontán, atď.

Rudolf Schuster

Rudolf Schuster

Podľa Schustera dobrý primátor by mal žiť s mestom, nájsť si čas,
aby bol v uliciach, stretávať sa ľuďmi. Uviedol, že jeho manželka raz
povedala, že on sa neoženil s ňou, ale s mestom. Mesto musí byť zdravým
pracovným napätím, preto by si mal primátor vytvoriť dobrý „mančaft“,
s ktorým bude mesto rozvíjať k spokojnosti jeho obyvateľov.

Schuster na margo volebnej kampane uviedol, že zodpovedá tomu, čo sa deje
aj v parlamente. „Žiaľ, správame sa k sebe ako nepriatelia, aj v meste
aj v parlamente, ako keby opozícia nesmela mať dobrý nápad, ktorý nemožno
vypočuť, nie to ešte realizovať,“ povedal Schuster. Doložil, že hneď po
revolúcii síce boli zložité časy, prijímali sa ťažké rozhodnutia, ale
snaha bola, aby sa veci diali pokojne, dominoval dialóg a snaha dohodnúť sa,
to dnes chýba.

10:10 V najzápadnejšej obci na Slovensku, v Záhorskej Vsi majú
zatiaľ pokojný a bezproblémový priebeh. „Ľudia postupne
prichádzajú, záujem o hlasovanie majú všetky vekové kategórie,“
informovala TASR zapisovateľka miestnej volebnej komisie Anna Antaličová.

Obyvatelia Záhorskej Vsi si môžu vyberať z dvoch kandidátov na
starostu. „Na deväť mandátov v obecnom zastupiteľstve je
19 kandidátov,“ dodala Antaličová. V Záhorskej Vsi je
1510 oprávnených voličov, volia v jednom okrsku.

Richard Rybníček s rodinou počas volieb.

Richard Rybníček s rodinou počas

Autor: Tatiana Michalková, Pravda

9:59 Voliť bol už aj súčasný trenčiansky primátor Richard
s manželkou Luciou a synom Oliverom. Doterajší priebeh
volieb zhodnotil ako veľmi pokojný s tým, že ani neočakáva nejaké
problémy. „My sme hore už od trištvrte na šesť, zarábal som synovi
mliečko,“ prezradil Rybníček.

Deň sa chystá stráviť s rodinou a jeho prvé kroky po odvolení viedli
do obchodu, kde šiel synovi kúpiť gumových medvedíkov, ktorých má
veľmi rád.

9:50 V Bratislave odvolil ďalší z favoritov na post
primátora Ján Mrva.

9:44 Na druhom najväčšom rómskom sídlisku na Slovensku,
Dúžavskej ceste v Rimavskej Sobote
, otvorili volenú miestnosť
načas a voľby sa začali bez problémov. Informovala predsedníčka okrskovej
volebnej komisie Aneta Vargicová, podľa ktorej pri otvorení miestnosti
nečakal žiadny volič.

„Do 7.45 h sme mali iba jediného voliča, ktorý práve odišiel. Voľby
zatiaľ prebiehajú pokojne a k dispozícii máme všetko potrebné,“ uviedla

Rimavská Sobota.

Rimavská Sobota.

Podľa členov okrskovej volebnej komisie, ktorí sa na voľbách na
Dúžavskej ceste zúčastňujú pravidelne, býva práve o komunálne voľby
na tomto sídlisku najväčší záujem. Voliči sa podľa nich zaujímajú aj
o voľby do vyšších územných celkov, tam sa ale účasť odvíja od toho,
či sa o posty krajských poslancov uchádzajú známi kandidáti.

Dúžavská cesta tvorí jeden volebný okrsok a pre aktuálne voľby je
v ňom zapísaných 637 oprávnených voličov. Celkovo na sídlisku žije
vyše tisíc Rómov, ktorých materinským jazykom je prevažne maďarčina.

9:28 Voľby so sebou prinášajú aj menšie nepríjemnosti.
Jednou z nich je prístup vozíčkarov a ľudí s hendikepom do volebných

Voliči pri voľbách musia prekonávať bariéry.

Voliči pri voľbách musia
prekonávať bariéry.
Autor: Tatiana Michalková, Pravda

Dostať sa dovnútra po schodoch bola takmer neprekonateľná prekážka pre
vozíčkara v Trenčíne. Pomohli mu ale novinári a okoloidúci.

9:20 V Košiciach už odvolili obaja hlavní kandidáti na
post primátora. Martin Petruško zo Smeru prišiel v sprievode rodičov a
kandidát pravicovej opozície Jaroslav Polaček zase s rodinou.

9:12 Pri voľbe miestnych poslancov si treba dávať pozor na počet
Voliči by si pred hlasovaním mali dobre pozrieť
hlasovací lístok, najmä pokiaľ ide o voľbu komunálnych poslancov. Ak
totiž zakrúžkujú viac kandidátov, ako sa v danom volebnom obvode volí,
hlasovací lístok bude neplatný. Upozornila na to riaditeľka odboru volieb,
referenda a politických strán na ministerstve vnútra Eva Chmelová.

Eva Chmelová

Eva Chmelová Autor: SITA, Ľudovít

„Kandidátov na starostov a primátorov krúžkujeme. Pokiaľ ide
o poslancov, pozorne čítame hlasovací lístok, pretože na ňom je uvedený
počet kandidátov, ktorý sa volí v danom volebnom obvode a to je maximálny
počet. V prípade, že volič zakrúžkuje viac kandidátov ako je uvedené na
hlasovacom lístku, lístok sa stáva neplatný. V prípade, že zakrúžkuje
menej, všetky hlasy sú platné,“ opísala Chmelová.

9:05 Počasie významne ovplyvňuje chuť voličov ísť
k volebným urnám. Výnimkou nie je ani dnešok.

Ako bude v dnešný volebný deň ale aj v tých nasledujúcich čítajte
v článku Martin
príde bez bieleho koňa, teplé počasie pretrváva

8:50 Chýbajúcimi kandidátmi na poslancov zastupiteľstva sú
poznačené voľby v obci Slanská Huta
v okrese Košice okolie.
Poslaneckých miest je päť, o mandát sa uchádza len jedna kandidátka.
O funkciu starostu sa uchádzajú dvaja kandidáti.

Volebná miestnosť sa nachádza v budove obecného úradu. Voliť
prichádzali ľudia už od 7. h. „Voliť chodíme pravidelne, dnes je to tak
skoro ráno preto, že veziem priateľku autom do práce do Košíc. Voliť by
mal každý,“ povedal jeden z prvých voličov Július Bakajsa. Nedostatok
kandidátov na poslancov ho prekvapil, dôvod nezáujmu o kandidatúru

Slanská Huta je obec s 240 obyvateľmi v Slanských vrchoch. Účasť na
voľbách máva pravidelne vyššiu, ako je celoštátny priemer, v minulých
komunálnych voľbách to bolo 76,19 percenta.

„V obci máme zapísaných 196 voličov. Jedna pani, ktorá je zdravotne
znevýhodnená, požiadala o prenosnú schránku, vyšlú sa za ňou dvaja
členovia komisie,“ uviedol predseda miestnej volebnej komisie Ľudovít
Dziak. Vzhľadom na neobsadenie postov poslancov čakajú obec
ďalšie voľby.

8:38 V Bratislave v mestskej časti Rača už odvolil
z favoritov na post primátora hlavného mesta
Václav Mika.

Exšéf RTVS vyzval obyvateľov, aby išli k urnám a odovzdali
svoj hlas.

8:24 Takto hlasovali voliči v Trenčianskych Stankovciach.
Svoje volebné právo si splnili skoro ráno.

8:17 Podobne ako v obci Ondavka, ktorú sme spomínali už skôr, sa
dnes voľby nekonajú aj v ďalších štyroch obciach.

Z údajov ministerstva vnútra takisto vyplýva, že v ďalších šiestich
obciach nevolia starostu a v 24 obciach vyberajú obyvatelia menej poslancov
obecného zastupiteľstva, ako by mali.

V Ondavke v Bardejovskom okrese sa komunálne...

V Ondavke v Bardejovskom okrese sa
komunálne voľby v sobotu nekonajú. V obci so 16 obyvateľmi dlhodobo nemá
nikto záujem o miesto starostu i poslancov. Väčšina zo 16 prihlásených
obyvateľov sú dôchodcovia. Na snímke 80-ročný bývalý starosta Andrej
Marčišin v Ondavke.
Autor: TASR, Maroš Černý

Voľby do obecného zastupiteľstva a voľby starostu obce sa okrem Ondavky
nevykonajú vôbec v obciach Dubno (okres Rimavská Sobota), Girovce (okres
Vranov nad Topľou), Jurkova Voľa (okres Svidník) a Michalková (okres

8:10 V obci Skalité v okrese Čadca volia obyvatelia od šiestej
, v ostatných obciach od siedmej. Po otvorení volebných
komisií to potvrdila riaditeľka odboru volieb, referenda a politických strán
na ministerstve vnútra Eva Chmelová.

„Podľa informácií, ktoré máme, nevznikol žiadny problém,“ uviedla
s tým, že od ôsmej zasadá Štátna komisia pre voľby a kontrolu
financovania politických strán.

„Bude riešiť podnety, ktoré bude považovať za nevyhnutné. Priorita
je, aby voľby prebehli bez problémov,“ doplnila Chmelová. Členovia
štátnej volebnej komisie by sa mali ísť pozrieť aj do volebných

7:55 Paradoxne vyznieva fakt, že v 97 obciach Nitrianskeho
chce byť starostom jediný kandidát a v niektorých je
kandidátov zase viac, ako v krajských mestách.

V mestách a obciach v Nitrianskom kraji sa o 7. hodine otvorili všetky
volebné miestnosti. Do 22. hodiny môžu obyvatelia 354 obcí a miest
v kraji voliť primátorov a starostov a celkovo 2669 poslancov.

Terminál intermodálnej prepravy Lužianky, ktorý...

Terminál intermodálnej prepravy
Lužianky, ktorý bude využívať najmä automobilka Jaguar Land Rover, ale aj
iné firmy na skladovanie a expedovanie svojej produkcie.
Autor: SITA, Železnice

V 97 obciach a mestách kandiduje na post primátora či starostu jediný
kandidát. Najväčší záujem o post starostu je v obciach Kolta v okrese
Nové Zámky, Krušovce v okrese Topoľčany a Lužianky v okrese Nitra, kde
volebné komisie zaevidovali zhodne po osem kandidátov. V Hosťovciach
v okrese Nitra a v Horných Obdokovciach v okrese Topoľčany sa nenašiel
dostatočný počet kandidátov na poslancov, preto si občania zvolia
v Hosťovciach štyroch namiesto piatich poslancov a v Horných Obdokovciach
siedmich namiesto deviatich poslancov.

7:41 V Marianke, obci, známej ako najstaršie pútnické
na Slovensku, sa sobotňajšie komunálne voľby začali načas
a bez rušivých vplyvov. Do volebných miestností dvoch volebných okrskov
vstúpili voliči v Marianke hneď po ich otvorení o 7.h.

Prvým bol Ladislav Takáč, ktorý žije v obci od roku 2002 a hlasovať
prišiel ešte pred odchodom do práce. „Kandidátov poznám len
z informácií v rámci predvolebnej kampane, z toho viem, koho voliť
určite nechcem. Podľa toho odovzdám svoj hlas,“ uviedol.

Verí, že počas ďalších štyroch rokov bude mať samospráva „lepšiu
formu“ ako v poslednom období. „Od vedenia obce očakávam, že sa bude
koncepčným spôsobom venovať rozvoju a využitiu turistického potenciálu
Marianky,“ dodal.

7:32 V Ondavke v Bardejovskom okrese sa komunálne voľby v sobotu
V obci so 16 obyvateľmi dlhodobo nemá nikto záujem
o miesto starostu i poslancov. Väčšina zo 16 prihlásených obyvateľov
sú dôchodcovia.

Potok Ondavka pretekajúca obcou Ondavka.

Potok Ondavka pretekajúca obcou

Autor: Wikimedia

„Situácia v Ondavke v súvislosti s komunálnymi voľbami je taká
istá ako bola v doplňujúcich voľbách. Neprihlásil sa žiaden kandidát na
poslanca ani na starostu obce. Voľby sa tak neuskutočnia,“ uviedol pre TASR
prednosta Okresného úradu v Bardejove Miroslav Bujda.

Bývalý starosta, 80-ročný Andrej Marčišin tvrdí, že miestni o obec
nemajú záujem. Nájdu sa však podľa neho i takí, ktorým jej osud nie je
ľahostajný a chcú aby nezanikla. Trápia ich staré dlhy vo výške takmer
30.000 eur. V obci nesvieti pouličné osvetlenie a nemajú funkčný ani
obecný rozhlas.

„Ľudia si pochvaľujú, že neplatia za dom, pozemky, že nám tu je
veľmi dobre, ale o tom ostatnom to nemôžem povedať. Verím, že sa to
napraví,“ zhodnotil bývalý starosta.

07:20 Hlasujte v ankete Pravdy. Zúčastníte sa dnešných
komunálnych volieb?

7:05 Voličské právo si v dnešných voľbách môže po prvý
v živote uplatniť viac ako 55-tisíc prvovoličov, čo je
1,25 percenta z celkového počtu 4,45 milióna hlasujúcich.

7:00 Na Slovensku sa otvorilo viac ako 6-tisíc volebných

V poradí ôsme komunálne voľby po novembri 1989 rozhodnú aj o novom
zložení obecných a mestských zastupiteľstiev. Novozvolení primátori,
starostovia a poslanci získajú mandát na najbližšie štyri roky.

Základom hospodárenia samospráv je obecný rozpočet, ktorý sa schvaľuje
na obdobie jedného kalendárneho roka. V jeho príjmovej časti tvorí
významnú zložku výber daní a miestnych poplatkov.

Samosprávy majú aj dôležitú kompetenciu v oblasti verejných služieb.
Z hľadiska komunálnej legislatívy zabezpečujú výstavbu a údržbu a
správu miestnych komunikácií, ale aj verejných priestranstiev, obecného
cintorína, kultúrnych, športových a ďalších obecných zariadení vrátane
kultúrnych pamiatok, pamiatkových území a pamätihodností obce.
Viac o kompetenciách čítajte v článku Komunálne
voľby: O čom rozhodujú mestá a obce + Manuál ako voliť

Volebné čísla

  • Počet obcí, miest vrátane mestských častí Bratislavy a
    Košíc, kde sa volí:
    2 926
  • Počet volebných okrskov: 6 021
  • Počet kandidátov na starostov a primátorov: 7 130
  • Počet kandidátov na poslancov: 80– až 90-tisíc (ich
    presné počty nie sú známe)
  • Počty politických strán, ktoré nominujú do volieb svojich
  • Voľby starostu ani poslancov sa neuskutočnia
    v 5 obciach
  • V 23 obciach kandiduje za poslancov nižší počet
    kandidátov, ako má byť zvolených

Ako voliť?

  • Komunálne voľby sa uskutočnia v sobotu 10. novembra. Volebné
    miestnosti sa otvoria ráno o siedmej a zatvoria sa
    o 22. hodine ve­čer.
  • Kandidovať za poslanca obecného zastupiteľstva môže ten, kto v deň
    volieb dovŕšil vek 18 rokov, má v obci trvalý pobyt, nebol vo výkone
    trestu odňatia slobody, nebol právoplatne odsúdený za úmyselný trestný
    čin a jeho odsúdenie nebolo zahladené a nebol pozbavený spôsobilosti na
    právne úkony.
  • O starostovskú alebo primátorskú funkciu sa môže uchádzať
    , ktorý v deň volieb dovŕši 25 rokov, má v obci
    trvalý pobyt, nie je vo výkone trestu odňatia slobody, nie je právoplatne
    odsúdený za úmyselný trestný čin, ak odsúdenie nebolo zahladené, nie je
    pozbavený spôsobilosti na právne úkony.
  • Volebný akt prebieha tak, že volič v osobitom priestore
    zakrúžkuje na hlasovacom lístku poradové číslo kandidáta na starostu,
    ktorému dáva svoj hlas, a na druhom zakrúžkuje čísla kandidátov,
    ktorých chce zvoliť do obecného alebo mestského zastupiteľstva. Oba
    hlasovacie lístky vloží do obálky a tú vhodí do hlasovacej urny.
    Zakrúžkovať môže najviac taký počet kandidátov, koľkí majú byť
    v danom volebnom období zvolení. Ak zakrúžkuje väčší počet
    kandidátov, ako je dané, jeho volebný lístok je neplatný.
  • V aktuálnych komunálnych voľbách, ktoré sa budú
    konať v sobotu 10. novembra 2018, môže využiť svoje volebné právo
    približne 4,45 milióna obyvateľov Slovenska. Medzi nimi aj asi
    55 500 prvovoličov. Voliť sa dá iba v mieste trvalého bydliska, teda
    v obci, kde má volič trvalý pobyt, a vo volebnom okrsku, kde je zapísaný
    na zoznam voličov. Po príchode do voličskej miestnosti sa treba preukázať
    občianskym preukazom alebo dokladom o pobyte pre cudzinca. Volebné komisie
    začnú výsledky volieb sčitovať po zatvorení volebných miestností, teda
    až po 22. hodine.
  • Súčasným mestským a obecným zastupiteľstvám uplynie
    štvorročné volebné obdobie 15. novembra tohto roku. Novozvolení
    primátori, starostovia a poslanci sa ujmú svojich mandátov po zložení
    sľubov na ustanovujúcich zastupiteľstvách. Tie musia v zmysle zákona
    zvolať dosluhujúci primátori a starostovia do 30 kalendárnych dní od
    konania volieb, teda do 10. decembra tohto roku.

    S otázkami, ktoré sa týkajú nadchádzajúcich komunálnych volieb, sa
    môžu voliči obrátiť na informačnú linku, ktorú zriadilo Ministerstvo
    vnútra SR. Zamestnanci ministerstva na nej budú poskytovať informácie,
    ktoré sa týkajú voličov, ich práv a povinností, či informácie
    o organizačnom zabezpečení volieb. Informačná linka je prístupná od
    pondelka (5. 10.) do soboty (10. 10.), a to v pracovných dňoch v čase
    od 7. do 15.30 h a v deň volieb 10. novembra od 7. do 22. h na
    telefónnych číslach 02/5094 2317 a 02/5094 2312. „Je určená
    výlučne pre voličov a nebudú na nej poskytované informácie právnickým
    osobám, médiám, politickým stranám a obciam,“ uvádza MV SR.

(odu, TASR)

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