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VIDEO: Robbie Sloveniek of Ball in 201ere: Éterická Jana Pištejová, Zlatica Puškárová beautifully made the belt


How did it look behind the door of the LPG historic building and what clothes did the party attend in 2019? Vote and in your opinion choose the most beautiful evening!

Everyone wants to feel like a princess on this extraordinary evening. Slovaks have chosen to wear costumes and started the ball in a great season, starting with Ball in the opera opera, actress Lucia Hurajová.

The theme of the evening was the raps of happiness, which also featured ball dresses. After last year's Pleses opera, when the ladies voted mostly black, it was in the historic theater of the National Theater, which was beautiful.

FEMINITY TV: In 2019, incoming guests to a charity ball in the LPG historic building

Lucia Hurajová

Actress Lucy Hurajova was honored to cut the ball in the opera. His dress was made by a designer with many years of experience, Marc Holubec W. and, according to her face, chose a fine purple hue. The fancy dress made it a princess.

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Jana Pištejová

Fashion designer Jānis Pištejovs had several days before the ball in the opera, which was literally full of work and prepared a dress for his clients. In her words, the beauty of nature, flowers and in combination with handwriting she produces great works.

Zlatica Puškárová

Moderator Zlatica Puskarov belongs to this charity ball and she is also a loyal designer from whom she wraps her dress. Jana Pištejová is her, and this floral gem with a bow in the neck is part of her entire year's work. Beautiful.

Karolina Chomisteková

Miss Slovakia, beauty director, Karolína Chomisteková, the sweet robe of Maison Valentino from the fashion house Alizé. The dress itself attracts attention, and even with simple cosmetics, Carolina does not have to worry about joining the crowd.

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Alexandra Gachulincova

The Elite Bratislava model Alexandra Gachulinc is a loyal supporter of the local model. She looked very cool in Marcel Holub W's blue dress. The visa chose simple, bold blue shades. You can only afford a caliber model like Alexander.

Beata Danglová

Actor, director and screenwriter Dano Dangl and his wife regularly take part in the opening of the bomb season at Ples Opera. Beata's décolleté was dressed with a lace dress with a delicate circle that added it to the feminine.

Andrea Cochero

Andrea Cochero, the director of Ball, has become the first woman to greet guests with a host. In Boris Haneček's emerald clothes, which always dresses up the ball, she enchanted.

Linda Nývltová

The model Linda Nyvlt from Elite Bratislava has shown confidence in talented designer Michael Kováčik. The emerald silk dress from the new fashion artist's workshop had become visible and worked with French charm. Linda lived in Paris for a long time, so this lifestyle is close to her.

Zuzana Kanisová

Fro Mikloška was fashionable fashion designer Zuzana Kanisova. An asymmetric cut with one shoulder and a simple French-style view opened. The look of a celebration whose spell is simplicity.

Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová

Moderator Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová arrived in the spirit of the Audrey Hepburn dress by Katarina Wavrov. At least she is tied to pearls. Veronica worked elegantly and as a lady, the hands of Boris Bordassee were comfortable.

Silvia Lančaričová

Pavle Lančarica, spokesman for the ball, with his wife Silvia. The ball season in LPG's historic premises is an important social event at the beginning of each new year.

Karin Majtánová

Moderator Karin Majtana belonged to the evening stars. This gold suit, with its shoulder and hairstyle, has brought the lady with a noble back. She can see that she also feels great in her look.

Jana Mutnanska

Former fashion TV moderator Jan Mutnanska dazzled the fiery red dress Lukáš Kimlička. The appearance of this young woman was also very talented and the result was truly unique, just look. The company created its bride, doctor Joseph Dolin.

Lucia Hablovičová

Former beauty contest manager and entrepreneur Lucia Hablovičová will not miss Opel Ball every year for her charity dimension. Her taste is best understood by Boris Hancock, and this year she has betrayed it.

Ingrid Fasiangová

The director of the new stage theater, as well as one of today's most famous Marek Fasiang actors, she really was like a woman on a ball day. Did they both get too much of what you say?

Eva Verešová

Former Miss Eva Vereu chose a red red wine dress for her campfire. This combination is a festive and creative ball season. Eve belongs to women who always take care of their appearance in society.

Michaela Ľuptáková

Fashion designer Michaela Ľuptáková arrived at Ballet Opera in a beautiful red dress. Michaela makes women and knows exactly how to create a costume that highlights a woman's most beautiful. Her models are also very popular.

Petra Tóth

Petra Tóth's jewelery artist appeared in the clothing that was on the conscious designer Andrea Pojezdálová. She added her jewelry and belt from her jewelry store. A pleasant look created by this youngest cosmetic man, Boris Bordacs.

Eva Evelyn Kramer

Actress and comedian Evelyn was premiere at the Opera House. His dress was made by Milan Švingál, who also took care of his view. Evelyn didn't leave even a sense of humor and cheered her moments on her Instagram fans.

Simona Bubánová

Singer Janka Kurica's wife, host Simona Bubánová, is one of the regular bomb attendants in the opera. Grape dress that copies your silhouette and everything that belongs to the ball costume. Sometimes it doesn't have to be very speculative, beauty is simplicity.

Kristína Kövešová

Marcus reporter Kristina Kövesova, who has gained popularity for her work and courage, has arrived in Michaela Ľuptáková white cloth. The developer also took care of the accessories, including the headband.

Silvia Majeská

Director Pepe Majesky came to the ball with his wife Silvia, who was decorated with a beautiful fluffy costume. The couple is one of the guests of the charity ball and enjoys a rich cultural program in the company of friends and friends.

Alexandra Horňáková

Boris Kollar came to the Opera Opera as much as last year at his daughter company. Alexander chose a dress that suits her age and saw she was a very young lady. She was an innocent and teenage light blue blonde.

Anna Šišková

Slovak actress Anna Šišková in the classic class got a black ball. Black is a festive color and never fails. Red accent on lips and nail polish is black.

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