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VIDEO: Carlos Vémola won the Octagon 19, Baba Jaga had no chance today


The match lasted only 125 seconds.

BRNO, BRATISLAVA. He frowned so hard that he could not even see his eyes. This is also one of the characteristics of Carlos Vemol.

“I will blow it up like a house of cards. I will destroy Babu Jagu in the first round. And if not, I will hang gloves on the nail, because it will no longer make sense to continue the fight,” Vémola said before the match.

It does not work. He fulfilled his intention. To the point.

Vémola: He didn’t even hit me

The most famous Czech MMA fighter defeated Vaclav Mikulashek on Saturday night, also known by the nickname Baba Jaga.

It all took only 125 seconds in the end.

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“Ten seconds later, I knew he wasn’t an athlete. The smell of smoke. He didn’t defend himself. As if he didn’t even want to be here,” Vémola said at a news conference at the opponent’s space.

“He didn’t put anything in the match. He trained so much ten times.”

Ten seconds later, he folded Santa Claus on the ground with a wrestler’s grip, and it was only a matter of time before he finished.

“Were you expecting anything else?” Vémola asked. In the end, he held his opponent by the throat and was able to stifle him. The referee closed the match.

“You have to give me real opponents, not fictional stars. He didn’t give me any blows,” Vémola added.

Almost thirteen euros

The Octagon 19 game was the biggest on the Czech and Slovak stage this year. Or rather, the most viewed.

The octagon boss managed to turn the fight into a marketing campaign. “The whole republic stopped and watched this match,” Vémola continued.

Those who wanted to watch him had to pay almost thirteen euros for pay-TV.

The octagon manager managed to promote the match by selling the largest hockey hall in the Czech Republic with a capacity of 18,000 spectators.

However, in the end the battles took place in Brno and for the Covid-19 pandemic they were traditionally without spectators.

He goes to Végh

Vémola in the Czech Republic has become a celebrity that can be sold in marketing. In his honor, he has not only his speech, but also his strong speeches.

His biggest hobbies are shark and crocodile farming, fast cars and attractive women. He started as a bodybuilder, working in England as a bouncer.

Vémola claims that victory over St. Nicholas is not his priority. “Attila Végh is the one I’m going to,” he admitted.

The thirty-five-year-old fighter still believes he will force the Slovak to agree on revenge. Last year, the so-called match of the century, lost after the elimination in the first round.

Although he still claimed that Végham had no chance. Vémola claims compensation.

It was Végh who helped Mikulashek prepare for the upcoming duel.

“The match with Vegha will be when Carlos Vemola fights for him. Atila also acknowledged that his opponent deserves revenge. So I believe the match will be at the latest in a year,” Ondriey Novotny, owner and leader of the Octagon organization, said in an interview with SMEs in May.

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