Sunday , February 5 2023

They found an excess black hole in our galactic center


For years, it was only a hypothesis, the scientists believed that it had not been, or did not dare to guess when it actually revealed it. On the contrary, Albert Einstein himself did not believe in their existence, which arose directly from his general relativity equations. However, it seems that at the center of our galaxy there is something gigantic, inexplicably powerful and quite dark. According to recent discoveries, Sagittarius A * is likely to be an overly black hole in the Milky Way center.

She is so strong that she can not avoid it. Unsigned black hole gravity does not come up. That's why it's almost invisible to the eyes. However, there are several ways to discover it. Dust and gases accumulate near the black hole, whose core is at one third of the speed at which light travels. The black hole will absorb some of these dust and gases, but most will release it in space. This is evidenced by the huge sources of radiation that we already see through technology.

Photo: ESO

And as the international team of scientists managed to best convey the existence of a black hole in our galactic center. Using the GRAVITY facility in the Chilean Atacama Desert, Paranal Observatory, which has four huge binoculars, known as a very large telescope. Scientists from the Southern Hemisphere Astronomical Research Organization were able to capture three beams from the Sagittarius A *.

Observations and results published in the journal "Astronomy and Astrophysics" do not provide direct evidence that Sagittarius A * is a black hole (in essence, direct evidence can not be obtained). However, according to Misty Bentz, this is the only explanation of what scientists have been able to perceive. Thus, Sagittarius A *, which weighs four billion pounds, has a very heavy fine black hole in the center of Milky Way. The discovery of space exploration is an important milestone in the discovery of infinite secrets., Journal N, SME

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