Saturday , March 6 2021

They accused the first Slovakian who fought in Ukraine

The NAKA researcher accused Marie R. of participating in hostilities organized by the armed group in the territory of another country.

Police today presented information on the first accused Slovakia to fight in Ukraine. "Over the past few days, the NAKA National Counter-Terrorism Investigator has charged Mario R.'s participation in combating organized armed groups in another country," men said.

"This is the first case when a citizen of the Slovak Republic was argued for active participation in the fight for an armed military conflict in Ukraine against the Ukrainian army," said Denis Baloghova, a spokeswoman for the police spokesman.

"The accused Mário R., at least since July 2015, as a member of organized armed groups fighting fellow pro-Russian separatists with arms use, actively participated in and actively participated in hostilities organized by armed groups organized in the territory of another country, especially in the Donbas region of the Danube Region," added Police spokeswoman

If the perpetrator is found guilty of deprivation of liberty for two to eight years.

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