Monday , October 3 2022

The singer showed her breasts, the actress – a lover and this goddess … She will never disappoint!


The COVID-19 pandemic affects all walks of life. Events in show business also had to adapt to the current situation. The American Music Awards were presented on Sunday. The concert hall was half-empty, the artists either appeared on stage or made video calls.

The moderator was actress Taraji P. Hensone, who changed 12 outfits. As part of the event, various musical performances took place in several places. Definitely worth mentioning is the duo Jennifer Lopez and Malum. The timeless diva showed herself in a bold costume, and there were also sensual poses. The creation in which the divine JLo posed for the photographer was also successful.

During the speeches by Jennifer Lopez and Malum.
They performed on stage

Source: SITA

JLo looked divine on the festive rug.
Jennifer Lopez


Photographers were also attracted by lovers Megan Fox and Machine Guy Kelly. Due to the eccentric artist, the beauty was separated from the actor Brian Austin Green, with whom he has three sons. It was their first social event in which they appeared as a couple.

Megan Fox and machine gunner Kelly first appeared in the company as a couple.
Megan Fox Machine


Several artists were excited about the award. The full list of winners can be found HERE! Singer Doja Cat also succeeded. She also changed some clothes, but lost the most attention when she posed for the photographer in a dress under which her breasts shone. Looking at her, it was clear to everyone that she had left her bra at home.

Doja Cat spoke in such bold clothes.
Doja Cat


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