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The scandal with Polish meat has hit Slovakia: it has also reached our market in these operations!

Food scandal in Poland: VIDEO Slaughterhouse kills cows, meat can also be in Slovakia

The Polish police are investigating a slaughterhouse suspected of illegally dealing with sick cattle whose practice has been secretly filmed by TVN24 reporters. British TV Station The BBC reported a scandal that has raged in Poland in recent days. Polish chief veterinarian Niemczuk said on Monday that on Saturday TV will be broadcast on TVN24, revealing "the illegal activities of the slaughterhouse for official night surveillance."

The TVN24 TV reporter obviously seized the cows he had brought to the slaughterhouse, often even on his feet. Many of them had injuries to their limbs or spine, but they were not even with tumors and severe infections. Workers had to cut the slaughterhouse. If the meat was slaughtered after slaughter, it is not clear. However, the difficulties associated with its achievements have led the Polish authorities to withdraw a number of meat products from the sale, the BBC said.

It is not clear what diseases Polish animals have suffered, so it is difficult to predict what the consequences for human consumption can be. However, vomiting, diarrhea or elevated temperature may be the most common.

Video is not suitable for minors and sensitive people!

Excellent control in Slovakia

The National Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic (ŠVPS SR) received a notification through the Polish rapid alert system. The notification states that the slaughterhouse responsible for non-compliance with veterinary checks – Jasienica Mazowiecka – is closed.

"The Polish inspection authorities continue to check whether the meat has also been marketed in other Member States. It has been found that, between 10 and 14 January 2019, the meat of slaughtered animals has not been delivered to other Member States. stages, " t informed ŠVPS SR on its website.

Scandal with Polish meat

Source: TVN24

However, today the site had a new update: "The State Veterinary and Food Administration has been informed that the beef has been delivered to three plants in the Slovak Republic: Cimbalak sro, Bardejov, Marek Kazimir – MK FOOD, Gaboltov and Ladislav Cabai Bidovce."

Our meat producers disperse from Polish practice

Executive director Meat Processing Association Eva Forra did not rule out the possibility that this meat could come to Slovakia this morning. "We can assume that such meat can enter the Slovak market by illegally selling or processing illegal production." We therefore recommend that customers purchase meat from approved producers and in stores where meat is known and if the consumer has access to information on the origin of the meat, " t Eva Forrai said.

At the same time, the meat processors' association condemned and rejected all the illegal activities of Polish producers. "The members of the Union of meat processors market meat and meat products in accordance with the existing legislation on the welfare, safety and quality of meat and meat products and condemn and reject all unlawful measures taken by the Polish producer". Forra added.

Scandal with Polish meat

Source: TVN24

According to Forra, the Meat Processing Association considers that such a procedure is unacceptable for the consumer and damages the reputation of processors and producers operating under the law.

a company TAURIS announced that it only cooperates with certified slaughterhouses. "TAURIS as it cooperates only with certified and approved slaughterhouses, livestock suppliers and stock farmers that meet the relevant legislative requirements. We have strict input controls to assess the pH – control of freshness, microbiology of meat samples and the presence of undesirable substances in accordance with legislation (eg heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, etc.). said marketing director TAURIS GROUP Iveta Štefánová.

Scandal with Polish meat

Source: TVN24

In its products TAURIS only processes fresh, mainly pork meat, Slovak or Czech origin, according to Ivana Štefánová. Beef represents only 8% of the total meat processing TAURIS.

a company Mecom Group she excluded meat from the Polish slaughterhouse, where she discovered a scandal at certified companies in Lučenec and Humenné. "Mecom Group excludes meat from the slaughterhouse from our certified production facilities in Lucenec and Humenné. Our company buys meat from long-term, certified and accredited suppliers. commented on Junior Brand Manager Mecom Eva Sziglová.

Invitation from the mother minister, where (no) to buy

It is not excluded that slaughter meat from a slaughterhouse in Poland is also in Slovakia. This was announced by Gabriela, head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, on Tuesday mother (CIS) in response to a Polish slaughterhouse suspicion of illegal trade in cattle.

mother in his words, he does not know whether the meat from Poland came into the Slovak market. "That's why I invite anyone who buys meat from the sale of all kinds of small Slovak villages, and municipal councilors often help to sell them, creating a space for sale before the general offices." she said.

Gabriela Matečná

Gabriela Matečná

Source: Jan Zemiar

"I turn to the consumer again: buy Slovak food wherever we do, where we know that food has gone through our full control of breeding through losses, meat processing to countertops," She stressed.

Special care should be taken for border regions

The main hygienist of the Slovak Republic, Ján Mikas, called on the Slovak Regional Public Health Authority (RÚVZ) to increase checks on the traceability of beef from Poland. Most likely he says there are border regions.

The main hygienist to protect public health in the case of suspected meat processing from sick cattle in Poland has been carried out by all operators in the Slovak catering business to emphasize the origin of the meat so that they can use the meat. "Healthy Safety Only" from official suppliers duly registered in the Slovak market for meat suppliers.

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