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The power forces increased the seismic resistance of the second block


The Moecovets Nuclear Power Plant is once again a little safer.

November 6, 2018 at 1:10 SITA

BRATISLAVA, MOCHOVCE. The Slovak power stations stopped the prolonged closure of the nuclear facility by assigning it to the power plant, inter alia, increasing the seismic resistance of the nuclear site.

"We have completed all planned carrier operations and investment projects, the most important of which was the work to increase the seismic resistance of the blocks and modernization of security systems," said Róbert Verbovský, Director of Work.
The electrical equipment partly replaced the spent nuclear fuel with fresh. They mocked the entire reactor core and reactors and carried out non-destructive control of the reactor pressure vessel.

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"Part of the prolonged downtime was also a check on the power supply in the primary circuit for closing the lock and checking the leakage zone load at the beginning of the block," Verbovský added.
The break lasted 46 days and was the last in the general exclusion plan this year. "The widespread general break in duration is more than twice as common as normal," Verbowski said.

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