Tuesday , September 27 2022

The man did not want to pay for his luggage: a genius trick


Ryanair has introduced new restrictions on cabin baggage. Passengers have decided to imagine the new rules in great style!

Tridicist Lee Cimino, who comes from the English city of Lecce, does not agree with the new tariffs introduced by the airline for luggage. That's why that he will be packing his coat on his trip to Belfast! Yes, the only old bulky coat, he could save everything he needed. He had a lingerie, a shirt, a toothbrush and other toiletries.

"It was an ordinary jacket that had a tighter pocket for us to keep his shirt and shirt and he was big enough to do all he needed." Lee said that he managed the airport management. All he had to do was to remove his coat and place it on his belt to get through the scanner. He added that he was fine while he was expecting him to be more nervous.

He claims that he does not violate the rules because he had all the things in his clothes. Your trick is is likely to be repeated again to avoid the latest charges. This is just a question of whether he can do this because he has publicly presented his know-how. Facebook has uploaded all the photos and videos of the event.

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