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The legendary Trabant as a new popular electric car? The concept of 11 years of age is coming to life again


The massive development of electromobility and the pressure on the environment are forcing the market to flood with more and more new electric cars. Unlike the previous ones, however, new manufacturers are starting to join the game, which complements the traditional car offer. One of them is Herpa.

Trabant nT, as the company called its 2009 concept, caused a huge stir during its debut. In particular, his sympathetic design cared so much for the predecessor’s shapes and proportions that he forced people to think about buying it.

Herpa had big plans for the car, she even conducted a large survey in which as many as 94 percent of the 12,000 respondents said they would actually buy something similar in the future. However, 11 years ago there was another time, the most popular drive for city cars was the diesel engine and the electric car was considered an exotic phenomenon. Today everything is different.

With a distance of 160 km

Trabant from Herpa you would be looking in vain for the original two-stroke two-cylinder, because the German company, which owns Trabant rights, equipped its project with a very advanced asynchronous traction electric motor with 47 kW (64 hp), which sent its power directly to the front wheels.

The car’s 3.95-meter-long electric motor drove 130 kilometers, and the lithium-ion batteries stored in its floor were sufficient for a relatively modest distance of 160 kilometers. However, charging from a standard household outlet took eight hours, and at 380 V it was supposedly reduced to two hours.


The company’s plans were impressive, and in 2012 Herpa wanted to launch a series-produced electric car. Of course, plans came up, investors withdrew, a crisis ensued in 2008 and the desire to invest in an expensive electric car disappeared forever.

Does it electrify Germany?

However, over the last eight years, the situation has changed significantly, uncompromising European legislation has taken place, the number of electric cars is growing and investors’ willingness to support an attractive and affordable electric car project has grown significantly. Thus, the possible electric return of Trabant to the market seems to be relevant again.


Nothing official yet, but it definitely makes sense. Therefore, if Herpa’s initial intention to mass-produce the electric Trabant succeeds this time around and they keep their promise of an attractive price of up to € 20,000, this could be an interesting enrichment of the electric car offer in European markets. So we will be amazed at how far the company has come in setting it up.

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