Tuesday , March 9 2021

The Kaufland Advent calendar gives a smile to the kids at their home

Respect APP has prepared a Kaufland proposal for an Advent Calendar with a children's story and a parent-targeted campaign.

For many years he lived with his families in New Zealand. However, one day, however, is a missed accident
he got into a box of fruit and got a boat for Slovakia. Now he needs to find a way back
be christmas at home. Talk about the Kiwi Bird, which became the Christmas talisman
Kaufland Campaigns to promote Advent Calendar calendars. It's an agency
Honore APP.

This year's Advent Calendar will feature only Kaufland children, but also children for children
home. Money from the Civic Association Smile as a gift from over 35 years old
years to work to find the children in their home a real home. Part of the campaign
is a place of television that emphasizes that, although the child's clients are happy
calendar, another child at the child's home can be more fun. The campaign is added
prints and outdoor squares.

The agency also produced an animated storyline, divided into four parts, whose main character is
Kiwi Bird of the Advent Calendar. Each episode will gradually hit the page
Kaufland every next Sunday. Kaufland will also delight the children of their clients and children
children's home.

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