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Tesla model Y and Tesla pickup will be introduced this year

This year we hope to discover two new Tesla models. The team will be the middle class SUV Tesla model Y, the second "cyberpunk" pickup Tesla pickup.

The Tesla Quarterly Profit Report regularly provides us with interesting information. And even this is no exception. Elons Musks said that this year, their original Tesla Pickup will be introduced.

"Tesla pickup could be ready to discover this summer. It will be absolutely unique, unlike the whole market," said Elons Musks in a conference interview with investors.

Last year, Muskis said Tesla Pickup was his most popular future product. "It will be amazing, it will be great. He can stop the heart. My heart. It's like, oh, it's great," he added. We want a vehicle, even if it is not needed. Even for his futuristic "cyberpunk" design.

He runs the tractor from Tesla Semi. It offers 6 seats and 640 to 800 km of driving. It also features rear wheel drive, adjustable storage space, automatic parking system, 360 degree views, power tools and 150 tons of incredible towing power. Well, we are waiting for the summer. ?

Preparations for the production of Tesla model Y

Elons Musks last year approved the introduction of the small SUV Tesla model in March 2019. Recently, he confirmed that Tesla plans to start preparations for production this year. The mass production of the model must be achieved by the end of 2020. And it is possible at the Gigafactory 1 plant in Nevada.

The Tesla model Y will also be manufactured by Gigafactory 3, which was recently built in China. However, these vehicles should only be designed for the local market, so the model should be imported from the US to Europe. At least Tesla does not produce and use its European plant.

For the production of the Y model, Tesla takes a much easier route than Model 3. For example, the SUV will be based on Model 3, where up to 75% of its components will be shared. New products, as well as learning from model 3 manufacturing errors and architecture tailored to more efficient production, need to be launched much faster.

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