Saturday , February 27 2021

Slovenská sporiteľňa introduces "Responsible Christmas". See her new ad | marketing

The new Slovenská sporiteľňa campaign is good and responsible in the spirit of Christmas. In addition to the holidays, the bank also prepared a special Christmas Eve competition site. The concept is Zaraguza.

Give good, you are happy. This is the idea of ​​the main site, which is the theme of friendship between girl and Christmas tree. The ad has a Sweet Child O & # 39; Coverage version from the well-known band Guns N & # 39; Roses.

"With our Christmas campaign, we are based on the value and positioning of our brand. As an innovative and responsible leader, we want people to inspire emotions to take responsibility for Vianocias and before Christmas shopping," says Peter Hollix, Head of Marketing Communications.

Even in this case, we ignore the known hashtag #mamnato in the existing communication concept.

The Slovak Savings Bank will support the idea of ​​good and responsible gift shopping thanks to Google Maps and mobile payments through Google Pay.

Source: Slovenská sporiteľňa

Own production was made. The bank used organic green cellulose artificial snow or catering without plastic. Waste was also arranged.

Before Christmas, a special place is being prepared on November 16th. The company will be able to compete with the bank on a live tree pot and advent calendar with 24 tips and tricks for responsible Christmas.

Campaign Card

  • Agency: Zaraguza
  • Creative Director: Michal Pastier
  • Copywriters: Yaroslav Vigs, Michal Pastier, Zuzana Smetankova
  • Artistic directors: Milan Malý, Andrej Nemcek
  • Graphic designers: Gabriela Kožiaková, Richard Novák
  • Social Media: Martin Rajec, Dominic Turcerova
  • Account manager: Katarina Kasšová, Eva Klimeková
  • Strategy: Juraj Pobjecky
  • Director: Juraj Janis
  • Production: Hitchhikers

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