Wednesday , December 1 2021

Sinead O & # 39; Connor is a Muslim, now referring to: "White people are disgusting"


Not only Christians, but also Muslims, were transferred to this declaration.

Irish singer Sinead O & # 39; Connor recently announced that she has returned to Islam, and now her fans have caused a wave of outrage. The former singer, who changed his name to Shuhada Davitt, offended her white skin with her Twitter account.

"I'm sorry. What I would like to say is very racist, and I never thought that my soul feels it. But I really never want to spend more time on white people (if they call them" others, not Muslims "). Not for a moment or in any circumstances. They are disgusting, "she wrote on her profile.

The comments have been condemned by Muslims as well as other views. One commentator noted that the singer should be as disgusting as she is a toddler.

In their statement, Muslims also denied that they had misconstrued their faith. "Islam does not hate other people based on their skin color," wrote one commentator. "I have to change mind, Shuhada. God is merciful, and Muhammad teaches all goodness."

She later commented on her work in another post: "Excuse me. Sometimes our Lord needs people who do dirty work."

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