Friday , March 5 2021

Scientists have made a renewable source of electricity from a common mushroom

The so-called bionic fungus
The so-called bionic fungus (FOTO American Chemical Society)

The Higher Private American University Specialist has succeeded in creating something that is not yet true. Ordinary gooseberries turned into a renewable source of energy that could affect our consumer electronics in the near future.

To create this unusual energy system, they had to align the above mushrooms with Graphene from a 3D printer and with a special one bacteria. Thanks to the ability to realize photosynthesis, it appeared natural solar panel with its battery. Not surprisingly, they talk to her "Bionic mushrooms".

The server reported progress Nano Letters.

"By integrating in the sols that can produce electricity with nanomaterials that can later store electricity, we can get better access to the unique properties of both things, we can expand it and create a completely new functional bionic system." One of the members of the expert group, renowned professor, has announced scientific success Manu Mannoor.

Electricity production process (FOTO American Chemical Society)

Why mushrooms

The reason why they chose the mushroom's surface is that it is the environment in which the bacteria are located. to thrive. As he writes IndependentThanks to this step, scientists have extended the life of the so-called bio system few days. So, if it continues, days will be replaced by months and years later.

We will have to wait too capacity increase energy systems, as the present ones can only be created up to now modest amount of juice. Tešlár resumes 65 nano-amps.

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