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Renault Clio: Bell Evolution, Inside Revolution – News – Auto

Bestseller Renault comes in fifth edition. Although the exterior remains faithful to the original shape, there was no stone left in the cabin. Clio gives both analog and hard plastic. In the trunk it will provide up to 391 liters.

The fifth generation of Clia retains its style ...

The fifth generation of Clia retains itself
your predecessor style. However, it is completely new. Technological image
support diodes light.
Author: Renault

Clio is a very important model for Renault. Since 1990
came to the world first generation, wandering over customers more than
15 million units. He has become a bestseller. And this is especially true
it was the first complete job
new head designer Laurens van den Acker. Successful play curves
he didn't let himself wait. Clia's sales increased every year. rotated
The state of the Renault Group and the model sold in Europe
best-selling low-end model. Last year was another
the best-selling segment of the European car without segments.

The Fifth Generation to be presented at the March Car Show in Geneva
he does not want to love. On the contrary, he is the future leader of the new Strategy
The aim is to promote new environmental technologies, especially by 2022
electrification, wider connectivity and autonomous technologies. Clio will be
such as the first brand hybrid and the largest display model
your class. But everything will be "wrapped" in familiar lines. you are
they were so popular that Renault decided not to try. is not it
mistakenly. The new Clio is really new. It is on a modular platform
CMB-F and its predecessor do not agree
Body parts.

Compared to the previous one, the new Clio will be 14 mm ...

Compared to the past, it will be new
Clio 14 mm shorter and 30 lower. However, it has to be offered bigger
space and its luggage.
Author: Renault

The format changed only slightly. It has a length of 4.048, a width of 1.798 and a
height 1440 mm. This means it is 14 mm shorter, 30 mm lower,
but on the other hand a little wider. The wheelbase remains a mystery.
However, we expect the original to be 2.589 mm. designer
Clio's "cure" will definitely benefit. The front mask is bigger, like
suction opening in the front bumper. Technology Image Support LED
lights that will be delivered in the series. These days there is a stick shape,
like the major Mégane or Talismane. The profile marks chrome
window edges and columns lacquered in black shiny color. Even tail lights
use only LED.

Sport version R.S. The line replaces the original Clio ...

Sport version R.S. The line is replaced
original Clio GT line. You know it thanks to 17 "
aerodynamic package.
Author: Renault

Quality feeling improves individual body assembly
parts. The most obvious is the rear, where the slope between the bottom is reduced
tilting lid and bumper edge. Ten bodies will be selected
including Valencia Orange and Celadon Blue new tones. Restore look
contrasting exterior decorations in red, orange or
black color. In addition, the new R.S. A line that replaces
original GT line. Sports picture supports honeycomb mask
spoilers or 17-inch wheels. Luxury supporters
The version of Initiale Paris will be more pleased with chrome.

The new Clia interior will create a completely new ...

The interior of the new Clie will go
brand new quality. So in terms of materials and processing, as well as in the area
technology. Shock, especially on displays. He gets the most expensive version
9.3-inch virtual cab and 10-inch multimedia interface.


The interior has become unrecognizable. Renault wanted to end good
with criticism undermined by poor processing quality. It is a hard plastic
to replace soft materials. Find them not just on a wavy ship
and door panels. However, Smart will be the most popular
Cockpit. Simply, Clio will provide the largest display for the lower class.
The Easy Link multimedia interface, which is slightly turned on the driver, reaches
9.3-inch vertically positioned tablet, twice as large as
yet. It includes all information and entertainment, multimedia, navigation features
and Multi-Sense system for vehicle installation.

Under the back cover up to 391 liters of luggage ...

Under the back cover will be up to 391
liter of luggage. It's 91 over the fourth generation of Clia.


You can find a second screen with a diagonal of 7 or 10 inches
in the instrument panel which is completely non-analogous "alarm clock".
Smart Cockpit will offer several display types and, of course, full connectivity
with external devices. There will also be no inductive charging
smartphones. Air conditioning control and frequently used functions will be facilitated
The keys are below the display. There will be new places with more generous
dimensions or steering wheel with a more compact airbag. Instrument panel bottom a
the central tunnel will provide more space. Radial lever offset
closer to the steering wheel. Customers will be personalized
thanks to the rich decoration and decoration. It must be available
at least eight color schemes.

It might look like a hybrid engine ...

It might look like a hybrid
Clia drive with electric motor in gearbox.
Author: Renault

Despite the small size reduction, the automaker promises more space
crew and luggage. The case is up to 391 liters, which is 91 more than that
in the past. If Renault released them, it wasn't. Double floor and folding
In addition, the backrests allow you to create a horizontal load area.
Compared to the past, the Bose subwoofer is no longer available.
will be fully integrated. Another 26 liters will find owners differently
storage compartments. Version R.S. The line receives the sports corner
aluminum pedals, carbon decorations or anatomical seats. Initiale
Paris is based on black or light leather.

The engines had no name yet. But it is clear that they will be the foundation
new gasoline 3 cylinder 1.0 TCe, replacing the original 0.9 TCe engine.
Like the upgraded Micre, they should offer 74 or 86 kW.
And also 160 and 180 Nm of torque. A weaker version will be available
extra 5 speeds for manual and CVT automatic transmission. stronger
Renault combines a standard and six-speed manual. The fate of diesel still exists
unclear. If it had a chance, it would be a 4 cylinder 1.5 blue dCi. any
The case is an approved hybrid developed within the Renault-Nissan Alliance. to
we will have to wait for further information. After average
Clio will deliver to customers. It should be in our country
in September.

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