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Pellegrini: Public administration budget for 2019 will be balanced

Slovakia should be ambitious, says the prime minister.

November 20, 2018 at 14:05 TASR

Bratislava. The public administration budget for 2019 will be balanced.

This will be achieved by submitting a proposal for amendment to the next meeting of the national council plenary.

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President Pellegrini (Smer) announced this on Tuesday following a meeting.

Slovakia can be more ambitious

"Based on the latest analysis and forecasts of the economic development of the Slovak Republic, which are even more optimistic than the third quarter, and expected in all circumstances, we agreed on a meeting between the Government, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Petrom Kajimir (Smer-SD) said that Slovakia could be more ambitious in shaping the next state budget, "said the prime minister.

"We agreed that today, at 13:00, at the meeting of the Finance Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance will submit such a proposal in order to ensure that the government supplies a balanced state budget for the first time in the history of the state budget, that the deficit for 2019 will be zero, all zero, and for the first time in Slovakia for the first time in history will not exceed its income, "he stressed.

The purpose is changing

According to Pellegrin, the government is changing objectives with a deficit of 0.1% of GDP.

"We are going to the NRC to discuss plenary sessions with a balanced budget, which is a great time for Slovakia, that's what we expected in a government program in a statement that allows us to develop the economy," said the prime minister.

He added that the adjustments to be made to the state budget would not be made at the expense of the priority of certain ministries.

"With all policies, all the 2019 proposals will be funded, but we will be able to manage zero-budget deficits for the first time," Pellegrini added.

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