Friday , March 5 2021

PC Revue | We will learn more about Samsung Smartphone Storage

Samsung's smartphone has been around for about five years, and its concept has attracted much interest in the CES exhibition in 2013. Also, in the near future more information is offered on the Internet. to price speculation there are other reports on the technology used. Samsung Justin Denison, vice president of mobile product marketing, spoke at a developer conference for them.

Samsung invites Infinity Flex Display smartphone technology. You can run at most three apps at a time. This feature is called a large active window and will definitely be a powerful productivity tool.

The Folding smartphone needs a full overhaul of the design. Instead of using the outer layer of the glass, it will be used "Advanced Composite Polymer, Flexible and Solid"Denison said. Add it to him "Foldable binder", which allows you to fold the smartphone several hundred times without deformation or cracks.

If you are interested in whether the novel will be cut out, the answer is obviously negative. Samsung has avoided this slice, so there's no reason to believe that its smartphone will be able to. In addition, slots are used to place front cameras or face recognition hardware, such as the Apple Devices Face ID sensor. However, the Galaxy F will have a completely redesigned design, these components will be placed in a completely new way.

Google is already working closely with Samsung to officially support Android folding devices. It gives developers advice on how to start using existing folders that are already embedded on Android devices.

Although Samsung did not announce the release date, all this suggests we should expect it early in 2019. As Denison said, in the next NEPACKED event, we would have "to see this technology in action ". As this is a completely new concept for design and user experience, this experimental technology is likely to be expensive. The estimated price of around $ 1,770 seems quite realistic.


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