Friday , July 1 2022

PC Revue | GFI Software introduced the GFI Archiver 14 version


The current version provides an easier transition to the GFI Unlimited Licensing Model and quicker searches in a secure central repository.

a company GFI software. provider security solutions for enterprise networks, she said GFI Archiver 14, its latest version and e-mail archiving solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Version 14 provides the ability to store all e-mail related information in one central repository, a simpler transition to a new licensing model, and faster searches.

GFI Archiver 14 allows IT administrators to archive, store, and search internal and external emails, file attachments, and calendar data in one centralized secure repository. The new version also includes the ability to switch to the new licensing model GFI unlimitedallowing it to be used with 11 other GFI software products at no extra cost. Compared to previous version 12, it is also twice as fast as looking for emails and file attachments.

"If you lose or delete an important email message or file, it can lead to loss of business credibility and even financial loss," he said. Zdeněk Bínek, responsible for selling GFI software solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. "The GFI Archiver solution eliminates the important consequences of losing data, as well as unwanted or deliberate changes. Now, as part of the GFI's unlimited licensing model, it can also be complemented with email server solutions, security, and other enterprise network protection products."

The GFI Archiver 14 solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Immediate access Business critical emails and attachments from Outlook at any time, anywhere from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, thereby increasing employee productivity;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizing the risk of violations of the law due to the full business email and file archive that resists unauthorized manipulation;
  • Enable mail server and reduce costs saving a single centralized e-mail copy and removing PST files;
  • Identify business problems Thanks to the MailInsight Reporting Module, which allows you to extract key employee performance data from an archive, share large and non-existent attachments, prevent the use of inappropriate expressions or spill out confidential data from your business, etc.

GFI Archiver can continue to collaborate with Office 365, Google Apps, and Windows Server email servers, including Hyper-V and VMware platforms. Learn more about GFI Archiver 14 at or

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