Saturday , May 15 2021

Outside there is a ladder in Slovakia's best school in Slovakia, this rating is a disappointing surprise

The primary and secondary school portal has been chosen in three categories of the best schools – elementary, secondary vocational and gymnasiums. After updating the classifications, Košice Krosnianská 4 primary school was once again best established at the national level between primary schools. Below is Kollárova 2, Svätý Jur and the top three are complemented by T. J. Mousson 4, Michalovce.

Among the secondary schools, the first two places were held by the Tirna Academy in Trnava (Kukučinova 2) and the Electrotechnical School at Plzenská ul. Prešov The third place was transferred to the Slancikov School in Nitra.

Finally, grammar schools are the first to be the Bratislava Teplicka 7 School Specially Gifted School for Children – Brazilian Teplicka Gymnasium. They are followed by the Jura Hronc (Novohradská) Gymnasium in Bratislava and the Gymnasium in Poznan 9 in Kosice.

The choice of interesting results is shown in the easy-to-read 10 list of schools with the best results for students in the Slovak Republic, especially for each type of school (elementary, secondary, gymnasium) – see Chapters 1 to 3. Table.

School grades are calculated in primary schools based on the results of national trials in grades 5 and 9 and the exceptional results of pupils in individual competitions; gymnasiums and high schools have an external part and a written form of Maturitas internal part, additional pupil results and graduate unemployment.

The current assessment is certainly an unpleasant surprise to the fact that schools with more resources per pupil have somewhat poorer outcomes. The school financing system SR does not take into account the results.

"But if you do not pay good, how can we expect success in the international PISA tests? We also continue to encounter a reluctance to evaluate part of the teachers without trust in the results of the test. Many of the reservations are based on the fact that, for example, tests can not cover everything. Therefore, we have also expanded our assessment with the results of additional pupils or the graduates' unemployment levels. Undoubtedly, there are possibilities for improving the methodology, but it largely depends on the available data that the state has or might have if the quality of the results is identified as a priority " said the INEKO portal.

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