Monday , February 6 2023

Oasis for HTC Vive receives new bonus content


HTC today introduced the new Ready Player One update: OASIS inspired a slideshow Ready for player one directed by Steven Spielberg. Enhancing the popular name gives players new levels, environment and bosses. The DLC Elite Gunter Pack is now available in the HTC Vive Viveport store for a price of EUR 22.99, as well as part of the Viveport subscription subscription called Ready Player One: OASIS – Elite Gunter Edition.

Ready for the first player: OASIS is one of the most popular names that have received the attention of the VR community. That's why we've built an extension that will let Ready Player One fans fall in love even deeper into their colorful world.

Joel Breton, Executive Director of Vive Studios

The following games have been expanded:

  • Fight for OASIS
    The name in which the players defend the OASIS world from the IOI Sixer waves was supplemented by 8 levels. As part of the struggle to keep control of Anorak Castle, 8 new bosses will meet.
    Development Studio: steel wool studios
  • armored glove
    There is also an extended Gauntlet game name in which players have to defend the dead. Players can enjoy not only new levels, but also power and new environments.
    Developer Studio: Directive Games
  • smash
    Ninety new levels appeal to DLC's 80s arcade games, which was loved by James Halliday, the OASIS simulator. Players will be able to move eye and hand coordination to an even higher level.
    Developer Studio: 2 Bear Studios
  • fracture
    A fracture that enhances spatial imagination and reflexes is also enriched. The popular VR version of the 80-year-break game, also known as Brick Smasher or Alleyway, has seen more than 20 new levels.
    Developer Studio: 2 Bear Studios

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