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Now we can communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. Humanity has a technique


Scientists say that using a powerful laser and a large telescope, we can end up with alien civilizations. Illustration photo (TASR / AP)

BRATISLAVA – The UFO fans, as well as many scholars, are convinced that humanity is not in general. This is a question of how we can communicate with the extraterrestrial civilization. One of the options, according to experts, is a powerful laser and a large telescope.

The study of extraterrestrial civilizations or planets, on which natural conditions would lead to life, has long been a serious scientific challenge. But there is another option. Our civilization itself can point to the possible forms of dream life of foreigners.

Experts from James Clarke and Kerry Cahoy (MIT), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge explained how it works, in an astrophysical magazine. Interestingly, using current laser technology, it is already possible to transmit light in space that could be perceived by indirect civilizations.

The biggest challenge

The big challenge in this process is to develop such a intense beam that "illuminates" the sun and wander beyond the potential recipients of it. The authors claim that they need a 2 megawatt infrared laser along with a 30-meter telescope. Under optimum conditions, the signal can be perceived in the areas that we sent from us, as well as 20,000 light years. It is 80 percent of the road to our center of galaxies – Milky Way.

The laser is very powerful and the telescope is very large, but all of this is already possible under the existing technology. "The project would be a challenge, but not impossible" Clarke said.

ESO is a telescope, the US has a laser

The ESO Observatory in Southern Europe The Chilean Andes is headed by an astronomical observation telescope with a diameter of 39 meters. US forces have developed a 1 megawatt laser to destroy enemy rockets. But it does not work right now. About the idea: The laser is about a million times weaker than a laser, on which scientists think of potential contacts with foreigners.

Earth satellites should be protected from radiation in order to avoid damage. Clark says that everything can be used for communication. Using a laser, it is possible to send several dozens of characters per second in the universal remote areas. Depending on the distance from another civilization, the interview would be longer.

Even if we encounter an exile civilization in the closest Sunstone, Proxime Centaurus, we should be involved in an eight-year reaction. Proxima Centauri is located in about four light years from us. For a person who is 500 light years away, the answer would be 1000 years.

Hawking was skeptical

Clark stressed that his project was "based on a feasibility study". "Is it a good idea, it is a material for discussion and further work" he added. For example, the famous astrophysicist Stephens Hawking was skeptical in his lifetime to seek out contact with other civilizations. He was worried that they could come and destroy us.

Other opinions also appeared

Two years ago, two other scholars have indicated that humanity, using the Earth's laser, has been hiding from curious foreigners. David Kipping and Alex Teachey of Columbia University in New York based on the assumption that there may be astronomers in the distant Universe who, like us, are looking for another life.

They seized the fact that the planet, which only floats to its star-star, diminish its light – or its part of the shadow. According to this, far abroad foreign entities could reveal the existence of our planet. It was this shield that Kipping and Teika wanted to balance with a specially-modified laser to hide the existence of the Earth.

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