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Catholic priest Marian Kuffa has successfully overcome a complex operation and is once again one of his followers.

4.11. In 2018, thanks to the Lord God, believers were able to take part in the first public of Marian Kuffa's father after a complicated spinal surgery in the Czech Zlín. Father Kuffa went to church Sv. Nikolai Lendak, in connection with the Slovak Convention on the Family "Stop From the Hell From Istanbul".

"More than 5,000 believers have had the opportunity to listen to Kufa's lectures and discipline, and after about 1,000 believers in beautiful costumes with Our Lady and with shrines and posters who attend candles rosy processions for rejecting the Istanbul Convention and against the threat of genderedology. At the end of the year, believers had the opportunity to hear Declaration on the Slovak Family Convention http: // …. Marian thank you for his prayers and support and he expects the Slovak Christians not to be indifferent to the fate of their families and children, " said Erik Zbiňovsky of SDZR

DENNIK POLITIK we bring the father to Kuffa in a full and uncensored text video for the reader

In his discipline, Kuffa's father, in addition to LGBTI, expressed an abortion, gender ideology and President Kiska:

"I will not choose such people. Kuffa does not speak politically but appreciates." I do not invite you to hate the president with caution and courage, do not let those people go. "Although they may have nice tuxedos, the president has the greatest confidence in Slovakia. I voted for him. I do not know, so I do not think so. If he deliberately he will kill our people, without knowing that he is killing … President Kiska adopted a law that will improve the lives of dogs and cats on the same day, June 13, 2018. president? I asked: for humans or for cats and dogs? Kuffa is not against dogs, but for the dog to be handed over to a man. This president and liberal thinkers were not right. "

Father Kuffu describes several major media as "religious fanatics and extremists."

As the father Kuff said in his discipline, so "On June 13, 2018, on a bloody Wednesday, the Slovak parliament decided that our children would be killed, President Kiska would come to parliament, and in Parliament he called for those who fight extremistly for abortion."

"And even those who fight against gender are fanatics, so I think he is a fanatic and extremist. And I ask what a fanatic and extremist is fighting for life or who kills our children morally or physically? I ask Answer in itself, " He added Marozo Kuffu, a believer in the priesthood.


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