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Jaguar Land Rover Nitra is looking for 850 new employees

Nitra car manufacturer launches second recruitment campaign.

Jaguar Land Rover Nitra launches a second recruitment campaign. It plans to hold 850 jobs mainly in manufacturing operations at sites such as operator, mechatronics, car mechanic, auto electric, quality inspector, retoucher or maintenance worker.

At present, the Nitra Industrial Park employs more than 1,500 people at the automotive factory.

"We will pay close attention to direct communication with potential candidates when recruiting or communicating with the telephone," said Miroslav Remenrova of Jaguar Land Rover.

Other car manufacturers are falling

The first recruitment event will take place on Saturday, February 2, in the business building of Štefánikova třída. It will also include the Girls' Day organized by the company in cooperation with the private high school of the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences Nitra.

In addition to career counseling, the car will offer demonstrations of working with a real robot by assembling objects according to their design in a 3D printer or by running a special minivozidloma. The Land Rover Discovery will also be exhibited, which met last September among the first production lines in the Nitra race.

The second recruitment wave is the Jaguar Land Rover at a time when two more car manufacturers have reduced their staff. From February 1, Kia Motors Slovakia will cancel 27 jobs in Zilina, which is the cause of interest in diesel engines. In Bratislava Volkswagen is approaching the transition models. In the SUV segment, it changes from four seats to triple, informs the car manufacturer in the small urban vehicle segment that is changing for one change.

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