Sunday , January 29 2023

In Austria, the Slovak side released a knife


The Vienna police have been able to detain a 30-year-old armed robber from Slovakia, who has borrowed a hundred euros a night from a holiday station in Favorit.

The detained Slovaks have found the knife they used for overpayment and the depleted money. Reasonably suspicious traveling behind the bars.

The APA news agency reported on Thursday, referring to Paul Eidenberger, a Vienna police spokesman.

A similar fate was also the 57-year-old Bulhars, who had a 88-year-old woman who had stood a tram, ducked his wallet and came out in the Hitzing district of Vienna. However, a witness from his hands has drawn out a "booty".

The woman is shocked, Balkan flew into a pre-trial detention cell.

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