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Dynamo Zagreb – FC Spartak Trnava


Spartak Trnava was not promoted to Dinamo in Zagreb and suffered from 1: 3. Vachtang Chantourishvili won the only goal for Spartak. The original scorers got Gojak, Kadlec scored the same goal, and Orshich added the third goal. Dynamo has already won the spot in the devastating battles of the spring. The fog was on the sidelines and did not tie, but the judges decided to decide.

90 + 3

Play the last game in a minute.

90 + 1

Livaković took the ball from the center left, Jirka was no longer eligible to play.


They are at least four minutes long.


Replacing Dinamo in Zagreb: Dani Olmo leaves Mario Budimir.


Almost at the end of the game, Spartak seems to leave Zagreb without question.


God still sits on the ground, it seems like a minor injury.


Substitute FC Spartak Trnava: Andrej Kadlec left the field on the left with Filip Dangubič.


Godal Fulled Petkovich, one of the most sensible fools, prevented his home team from coming into danger.


The poor have bombs in their hands, Spartak has not yet abandoned, the points will have to fulfill two goals.


Dinamo Tóth was very close to giving, but a chip of a bog up from behind.


Substitute for FC Spartak Trnava: Davids Sirwaldze goes to Jiří Kulhánek.


Ultimately, Orsich was easy and was enough to pull the goal. This player has just overcome, otherwise he has also been offered in Trnava.


Replacing Dinamo in Zagreb: Mislav Oršić left Ivan Swanichi.


Dinamo Zagreb scored!

MISLAV ORŠIČ indicators for Trnava and Petkovic. Grissack's incorrect permission was reinstalled at Dinamo.


The straight line again is Spartak. Kadlec centered after a pass from Rad, but more did not defeat Trnava.

seventy eight

The Malecki center is in the fire, but the action stops from the mute signal.


Sparkle is a direct hit. Left ball on hexagon. A good solution for angels.


Substitute in Dinamo Zabrba: Mario Gavranovič resigned from Bruno Petkovic when he was standing.


Gavranovich determined the occupational stress, but Toth was attentive. Dinamo will increasingly endanger the box.


The home side thinks more of a defender, leaving Trnava to play, the uncle is now tested through Kadlec, after which Malekki sent a shot. But his attempt was imprecise.


Livakovic took the ball into his own power, Spartak is experiencing the opportunity, Dinant dominance in the first half is no longer so pronounced.


Substitute FC Spartak Trnava: Ali Ghorbani left Patryk Małecki.


We are waiting for the first replacement.


Godal invaded the Orsha, the home team is on the ball and is trying to drive two goal goals.


Martin Chudý read Dinant's outstanding chances, and he walked away, the ball erupted.


Schirtladze tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the other goal.


In essence, they have reduced Trnavchan's performance and have the opportunity to get results. The end of the game is 25 minutes and the show.


Trnava has gained the goal!

VACHTANG ČANTURISCHILI was able to draw a whole-charge from the right. Davitt Schirtladze fired a shot from distance after 37 minutes, but the referee gave the visiting team to Livakovič. He also used Stoyanovich's defender and reduced to one goal.


We have an hour in the game, Dynamo has two goals and completely checks the games.


He almost lost the ball, but his commandant, Chanturišvili, helped him. Godal helped to show his extras when Olms just picked up the ball.


Stoyanovich will drop sixteen and the penalty will not be enough. Let's play.


In addition, Dinamo and Gavranovich, with the exception of Chudı, also managed their goal. Three gates could have been a difference, Trnava was lucky.


An attempt to escape from Gorbani did not fit his idea, the ball was too quick and escaped from him.


Pushing Dinamo, Spartak continues to attack with car throwing.


Faul Ghorbani at Ademi. Yellow card for Trnava attacker.

fifty three

As Chonka sent the ball to Chanturišviliho, there were two opponent players and he had no breath. The ball is on the pitch.


The council sent a ball to sixteen, and Toth did not work as he wanted. The result is unchanged.


Spartak failure and direct hit. Gorbani team now takes the right side of Kadlecam. Trnava was taken with Radom, the ball hit, and the corner kick of Spartak.


It's played with an orange ball, but it's not really sure what. No one can see this game.


Both teams continue without part time.


The second half started.

Playing in spite of fog, it's likely to continue.

After a scramble in the box, the home team was awarded a penalty 2 minutes into the game, resulting in a goal for Gojak after 2 minutes. 0 – Dinamo was given a chance to score the 0 – 1 goal after he saw his shot go between the legs of the adventure and strike the ball into the back of the net. We will see what Coach Coach and Coach are about in the second part.

45 + 1

The first half is over.


There is one minute.


He remained lying on the ground, he played a bit. Half time will end.


Another attempt at home, Dynamo continues with a corner kick.


Perhaps more than 1,500 fans who measure a trip from Trnava will not be considered for the most part.


Five minutes before the end of the current season, there are home-made football players, they have enough time, they do not come anywhere.


Schirtladze attacks, Spartak gets on the opponent's side. However, the Council and its centers failed, but Trnava remained on the line.


Orshich is building a ball, sending the center to the fire, but Perich went up above.


Badly before Spartan sixteen, Chanturišvili puts Olmu and the guests will defend.


Dinamo Zagreb scored!

ANDREJA KADLECA will send Dinamo a two-goal lead. Stojovanov sent a goal to Orsha, Kadlec wanted to prevent the ball from going and send it to their gate.


Trnavcans defended yet another of the many Dinamo attacks, the result remains unchanged, Trnava loses one goal.


21-year-old Gayak is still tasty. Now he got to the bounce ball and tried to shoot. The ball is out of the Bad Gate.


The recognition is really terrible, the judge is determined to play with an orange ball.


Jirka won with Stojanovich, but the referee left the game. On the other hand, Chonka has already stated that Olma is unlucky.


We have half the games, Trnava players have quite a few standards, but they did not have a big chance.


Trnavchan Schirtladze was wasted, free kick from Spartak.


The council sent centrally and Rrahmani the ball to safety. Even before this diversion, the trnavcans did something unpleasant.


Corner Spartak. Chanturišvili is especially active.


Kadlec changed Chanturišvili, his center was blocked, Trnava would not have a corner kick.


Peric dismissed Radu's center, Trnava stayed at the gate, attacking the assault on the corner.


Trnava reacts to Chanturišvilis, who is trapped in the prevailing local dominance of the original goal. The council sends a ball to sixteen.


Dinamo Zagreb scored!

The home crowd still plays a leading role. A cross coming in on the right hand side left Gavranovič alone in from the right, but AMERICA GOJAK was in the right place and tipped the ball over for a corner.


In the Council, the yellow card was handed to Spartak's direct hit.


The yellow card is Jakub Rada (FC Spartak Trnava).


Gorbani's heart, direct shot to Spartak. A cousin attempts to get out of the penalty area, but the ball departing.


Dinamo returns through Rrahmani, but he sacrificed his Toth missile and prevented the opponent from score.


The mist seems to have disappeared, but the state was not better.


Schirtladze fired home a side by side but the ball went wide.


On the other hand, Tóth lifted the ball and Chanturišvili from the inside of the hexagon, which ended outside the Livakovich gates.


Gojak joined Olm, but after crossing the border, Spartak moved to the side net.


After a quarter of the game the country is free, although Trnava could play.


After a long time he got into the center, but his attempt to get out of the Dinamo gate ends in Livakovich's hands.


Croatian champions took over this game, Poors decides to pick up today.


I had the opportunity to score after the pressure on Ademi's gate, and the corner kick was already gone wrong with the Trnava Dynamo.


A coach goalie who trained with Perich and Rrahmani is a worse progress. The result does not change, but the internal pressure remains.


Tótha for Gavranovic, Direct kick from the left hand side of the home. Trnav should be careful.


The combination of Faul Schirtladze and Trnava continues. In the game of Croatia, the thick fog causes a number of inaccuracies.


Domestic activities ended with Kadlec kicks. Orshich could not get the opportunity to get out of his poor gate.


The attack on the house, the whole team of Trnava defensive action is arrested and Andel can play forward.


Kadlecam had to return quickly before the new Gojak, Trnava stopped and Chanturišvili tried to shoot at the Dinamo gate. However, Georgić did not respond to the earthquake.


The ball ended up with Bad hands, Trnava could go ahead, go on the right side and Kadlecu.


The stadium is thick mist, identifying players is very difficult.


The meeting started.

Both teams come to the pitch. Trnavcheniya will play in white, at home in the dark.

Introductory Assembly:

Dynamo Zagreb: Livakovich – Stojanovich, Teofile-Catherine, Perich, Rrahmani-Gajak, Adhem (K) – Hayrovič, Dani Olmo, Orsik-Gavranovich
Substitutes: Zagorac – Budimir, Petkovic, Leškovic, Shunjić, Dilaver, Kadzior

FC Spartak Trnava: Poor – Kadlec, Toth, Godal (K), Chonka – Greschak, Rada – Jirka, Skhirtladze, Chanturišvili – Gorbani
Substitutes: Russians – Janso, Kulhanek, Yilmaz, Dangubic, Miesenboeck, Malecki

Judge: Boiko-Volodin, Slonchak (UKR).

The fourth group of European leaders plays Spartak Trnava Maksimir's stadium against Dynamo Zagreb. The game starts on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at noon. 21.00

Trnavcans stunned Anderlecht in Brussels and led Matthew Oravca to 1-0. At their second meeting, they played Fenerbahce in Istanbul at 0: 2. The home team against Dinamo led a 1-0 goal when Ali Ghorbani won, but the guest eventually won 2-1. In the second game Gavranovich and Orsics got.

Trnava is in third place in third place with three points, the latter being Anderlehts with one point. Progressive positions are Dinamo (9 points) and Fenerbahce (4 points).

The coach Late surprised Marek Bakos with the wounded Anton Sloboda, and Erik Grendel will start. Fabians Miesenböck is ready to play.

Dynamo Zagreb

Guests won three previous European league competitions, winning the first place with Fenerbahce 4: 1, then winning 2-0 in Brussels. They also won the game in Trnava (2: 1).

Dying will surely help you sell out the stadium, two home days have been announced as a full house. Only the sectors that are fined for UEFA will remain free.

Marin Leovac will not be there.

In the pre-press press home coach Nenad Bjelica said that he had to win, the mood and atmosphere was as great. His guest spend the night before dancing at the hotel to avoid disturbing influences. He also noted that he was aware of Trnava's quality, according to his words, he could torture several samples.

The lover, of course, is the host team, the Dinamo winner's course is 1.25, Trnava triumphs after 14.50. The drawing can be felled with a factor of 6.80. The winners will receive 570 thousand euros and 190 thousand euros.

Their league games against this duel were won by Trnavcans (home against Podbrezova 2: 0) and Dynamo 2-0 in Osijek.

The game is decided as the chief arbitrator Sergii Bojko from Ukraine, on the lines will help the compatriots Volodymyr Volodin and Semjon Slonchak.

Welcome to online broadcast. The meeting will begin at noon. 21:00.

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