Wednesday , September 22 2021

Despite the challenges he faces! Jasmine today gave these beautiful words to the rhythms

Jasmine and rhythm are definitely one of the most famous pairs in Slovakia.

Just a few days ago, we were able to testify about an event that we most likely did not expect, and the culmination of this intense, even short, relationship. Patrick "Rhythm" Vrbovsky asked his exotic girlfriend, Jasmin Alagich and it seems we will soon get a brilliant wedding.

The couple only gathered in the spring of this year, but they seem to be reluctant to wait for a long time and the plans of love for their souls will soon be introduced. And even if the rhythm now has big problems with his vulgarism, according to Yasmin's words today, it stands.

I'll be your woman's life

At the request of the romantic hands, Jasmine's beautiful words came. Patrick has devoted himself to a faith that has a lot of love,

"Today is a week when I answered the most beautiful question. Secondly, without hesitation, they are most natural than those who live. With great love and pride against a person like you, we promise that on our big day, your wife will be until the end of his life.

The one who is up there (peaceably named for each) is so kind and kind to us that we will never keep it for all that. No life will happen, the day will not be the same twice, so my wonder is beautiful.

Since I have been living for a long time, the team is "temporarily" and you will really enjoy how we handle it. The only thing that really matters is to find in life what makes you a really happy person. Nothing else is important. Only your happiness, because only then can you distribute it further. I love you I would like to thank you and thank you for what you said. "

In rigorous words, Rhythm has a problem

It's not new that the singer does not like excessive interference with his privacy and, although he publishes a lot of information, not everything is open

In recent days, the company has come up with a reason that television moderators Marízza – Adrián Polakova and Darwin Ryster – have again made very sharp words.

Leaders at his address read a vulgar oath as a "bummer" or "buzerant", after publishing a direct broadcast of his photography engagement and other vulgar label so nobody could steal photographs.

But with this exercise, of course, the television was not very pleased and wanted to initiate legal proceedings – documents have already been transferred to a lawyer. This is not a very positive report on Jasmine, how much this TV is currently happening. But she will let her hear that Patriot defends, because it's just his style of expression …

What about Daru? Only eyes on raven

While Rhythm and Jimin are miles of love, it seems that many love their former girlfriend Daru Rollin. Together they were a couple of seven years old, so there is nothing special that Dara did not mix up and gave many references to the singer in the media and social networks, and Dara did not want to say that this family is already over:

Soon after the break, Dara published his text Instagram, which means "… and in the next second we are at a different moment." One of the fans was trying to make her feel better, and she wrote that somebody immediately requested it.

Dara did not leave her waiting for a long time and just wrote briefly: "Yeah, that's the last thing I want.

It seems that while Dara tries to overcome herself, her broken heart will heal for some time.

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