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Demek in Washington introduced the book "Friend's Friend-Ally"

Bratislava, 18 November 2018 (TASR / HSP / Photo: TASR-Marko Erd)

The Democrat presented the book on Friday at the US Embassy in the United States

Pointing out how the relationship between the United States and Slovakia has developed in the last quarter and what their quality is, the goal of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Pavel Demeys, was to write a bilingual book, The Friends of the Alliance-Partners: The Story of the Relations Between Slovakia and America from the Revolutionary Revolution to this day. "On Friday (November 16th) Ivan Korchok introduced her to the residence of the Slovak Ambassador to Washington.

Foreign Policy Analyst and former Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry's SR Pavol Demešs

"The most significant contribution of the United States to Slovakia during its 25 years of independence was their participation in transformation and integration efforts, especially in Slovakia's accession to NATO," said the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Ivan Korchok.

Marshall highlighted the relationship with the United States as a key. "The period after the Twilight Revolution has not yet been included in the book, so I considered it nonhistorical, but as a person who has been able to see and participate in this relationship," said Demis. The book mentions politicians and diplomats who have been involved in building relationships between Slovakia and the United States since the revolutionary revolution.

"Her name essentially includes what is in the relationship – the relationship between friends-partner-alliance. In this book, I wanted to point out how relations between the United States and Slovakia have developed in the last quarter and what their quality is," said Demeas.

He recalled that Slovakia, as an independent country, celebrates its 25th anniversary of its relations with the United States, while recalling centuries of relations with this country as part of the former Czechoslovakia. "This book is bilingual, that is, I want it to be read not only by our citizens, but also by the international community in order to understand this very book of our very interesting developments in the other quarters," Demeas concluded.

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