Saturday , May 15 2021

Dávid († 26) was injured after a collision with a tree: PHOTO Mysterious accidents

The tragedy took place between Hronovac and Želiezovce in the district of Levice. When David sat behind the wheel, none of his loved ones knew that he would return home on a festive evening. About half of his eight years his car escaped from the road and hit the tree.

From Peugeot, which was given by David, after the crash remained only a wreck.

David became deadly

Source: KR PZ Nitra

The injury was so serious that the rescuers could not help the young man. What is signed under the storm is now a mystery. The tragedy was at the same distance from the trip. Regardless of whether the new driver was at risk of a wheel, it was a missed accident or he knew what he was doing in a police investigation.

David became deadly

Source: KR PZ Nitra

However, David's death can not be explained to him. A girl in the social network requires only one job – "Why?"

David got into the car

Source: Facebook / D.B.

Police spokeswoman Bozena Bruchter in Nitra said the possible cause might be that the young man does not adjust his speed to his abilities. "In the worst case, disclosure, prosecution for the cause of the killing," said the police spokesman.

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