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Chaputová wants to avoid attack: PHOTO The best is honesty, it's my friend

Zuzana Caputova, who is a candidate for the progressive Slovak party president, has admitted that attacks by different parties will lead to an increasing choice. "That's why I've tried to protect my closest people, not to engage in a campaign, not to create a banner. I didn't want them to become a target," she said about social networking.

The spirits are conspiring with whom he lives and why I am drowning

"For the first time, I do not live up to the powerful interests and I know what they can win and influence. They start spreading various conspiracies about me with whom I live, why I am so conscious, and so on. wrote Capuccino in the face of various attacks, showing that if a woman lives without a partner, she has less value. "There are several strong and separate women as well as men. Simple and honest. I live alone with my daughters."

Chaputová wants to avoid attack:

Source: Facebook / Zuzana Čaputová

Her friend and these days are also great support for Peter Konečný. "Peter is a musician, photographer, text editor. He writes and translates poetry. He is a jazz bass and bass player. He was part of the project" Big Actors for Young Children "as the author of several songs and text whose work was in childhood oncology," she introduced her friend. "As a texturist, he also collaborated on a charity project" Smile as a Gift. "He takes his free time and has photographed many of my photos. Peter is a good and decent person that I really appreciate." She thanked her friend for her willingness to take these challenging moments of the campaign. "But people don't choose the first captain. They elect the presiding president."

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