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Caputova and Mistrik disagree with what they have agreed. Choices can go both

Candidates have different versions of what they are giving up. Zuzana Caputova says that it will only leave the election if it is that Róbert Mistrík does not come to the second round.

Last week after President Róbert Mistrík and Zuzana Čaputová for lunch, OANAN seemed to be unanimous.

Weaker before the first stage refuses to be stronger. This version was presented by Robert Mistrík, candidate supported by SaS and Spolu. He insists on this. He wanted to wait for the first survey that had already appeared and met again.

Zuzana Čaputová can see it differently. Not only does he refuse the first survey and plan to stay in the campaign for several weeks, but the most important difference is elsewhere. The Candidate of Progressive Slovakia has a different interpretation of the agreement on what conditions should be provided and supported by the Master.

You can find out all Zuzan Chaputov's comment, as well as the version of Róbert Mistrík in our subcategory:

Only if Mistrik is in the second round

According to Zuzan Capputov, their media dealings were often misinterpreted. He says that the candidates for the survey should be evaluated at the end of February shortly before the election ticket.

"I am ready to take this step if there is a risk that two representatives of the values ​​I do not represent will end up in the second round."

This means that if only one of the candidates with whom Zuzana Čaputová disagrees and Róbert Mistrík is the second round, the candidate will not pass the second round.

"If Mr Mistrík were a clear leader in preferences, my resignation would only confirm his position," said Capputová of

Case Kukan

The situation when he did not receive a clear leader in the second round because his voices and, among other things, politically oriented candidates, already know history. Eduard Kukan was clearly in charge of the survey in 2004, with Vladimir Meciar and Ivan Gashparovich in the second round.

The rights were split between other candidates – František Mikloška, ​​Martin Baldai and Rudolf Schuster. If voters wanted Vladimir Meciar to become president, they had to choose Ivan Gashparovich.

Zuzana Caputova says she wants to avoid such elections. "If there is a risk that we, as in 2004, will make a decision between two candidates who do not offer our values, then I see the feeling that I will not take the view of democratic candidates and support someone who is more likely."

But it is not just because it is weaker in the survey, but only if the second round threatens Šefčovič – Harabin. She thinks it is right from the start.

"I see that the media sometimes divert this view, but if, for example, Mr Mistrík and I are leaders, and there is a chance that we will be in the second round, I do not understand why I would have refused."

The decision will be made later

Zuzana Caputova's election ballot is not binding. In her opinion, surveys are changing and she is growing.

"I will carefully evaluate whether I will pass the deadline for ticket printing, so I can decide at any time."

Róbert Mistrík says Zuzana Čaputová has not clearly defined which particular research will determine who is stronger and who will retreat. According to him, it is important to join forces before the elections.

Remisova: The deal is clear

Zuzan Chaputov's agreement with Romeris Mistrik was witnessed by OĽANO – Igor Matovich and Veronika Remišová. In her view, the agreement was clear – to agree on a more prosperous candidate.

"They both confirmed their willingness to hand over. We don't tell them what the criteria are. The deal was that if the candidate was a candidate candidate or Mr Harabin, they would make a decision," says Vernonika Remišová.

You can hear Veronica Remisov's all speech in our subash (from 15 minutes):

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