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Captain Spartak mixed up with Cyprus for the next Trnava: The whole season changed me completely

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After defending Boris Godala, he soon moved to the Cyprus Cypriot club AEL Limassol. Fifty-five-year-old husband Ivan Schranz became the youngest of the current Supercup third team in Cyprus. He signed a 1.5-year contract with an annual option.

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Ivan Schranz went to Cyprus from Dukla in Prague, where he worked since summer 2017. However, instead of fighting in Limassol, she is waiting for a fight for the league title. "The whole season has now turned me in. I'm very excited," said Ivan Schranz on Sport.sk in the first interview after signing the contract with AEL Limassol.

The daughter of Prague was exchanged for Cyprus AEL Limassol. From Slovakia, far …

"I mean, but I don't even feel that I am so far away. Nowadays, air traffic is quite cheap and often. Cyprus can also get very fast and easy. Moreover, I am still in the European Union, so I don't even feel that I am so far from home .

Ivan Schranz and Representative Erik Neuschl

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Ivan Schranz and Representative Erik Neuschl

Source: SHPORT.sk

Playground beach shore instead

How did your involvement actually come about?

"My situation is long-lasting. It was something clear. He called me Boris Goda and told me that I would be interested in the coach. Then he called me and my arrival was swiftly swallowed. Basically two days. I can say I'm very happy I think everything I've seen has worked the way it works, at a high professional level. I look forward to a new challenge. "

So did Boris Godal play an agent and remember your transfer?

"(Laughs) He was the first person to contact me, so something will happen. Of course there is a second page. When I know Boris is here, he convinced me somehow. However, we are friends, we play together. .

When the trainer called you, did you have time to think or have you decided immediately?

"I don't mean. It was a special offer, I didn't have much time to think. I agreed with the agent that we got there and it was resolved immediately."

What did the coach Dušan Kerkez say during the telephone conversation?

"Nothing special. He asked me how it was with me, we talked about my situation. Then he informed me that I was interested in knowing how to introduce myself to AEL Limassol. I allowed him and it was more or less everything We are not very familiar with it at this time, it's still time. "

What role did Boris Godal play in Limassol?

"It's always easier to get to know someone. But I wouldn't have made it difficult to move even if I was the only resident in Slovakia. It wouldn't change my decision. The fact that Boris is with me is just a bonus."

How do you perceive the entire period from the end of Dukla Praha to the transfer of CET to AEL Limassol?

"It wasn't a simple period. Something else had to be solved for the whole month when something was there, it wasn't. It stretched out. AEL Limassol's offer has become clear, everything is relatively fast. I am glad I no longer have to deal with my future , and I can only focus on football and my performance. "

Slovaks take Cyprus as a tourist destination. How do you see it on a football page?

"I'm only on the first day, so I haven't seen it yet. It is true that I've seen Cyprus as a tourist destination. Although I obviously knew football was in. There are several good clubs like APOEL Nicosia, Apollon Limassol or AEK Larnaca I know them from the European Cup, so I know how football is played here. "

Do you know anything about the Cyprus League?

"I admit that I was watching Cypriot football only with one eye when the club was fighting with the Champions League or the European league. At that time I looked at some games. Getting to the league is quite difficult, so I never saw you."

Ivan Schranz in AEL Limassol

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Ivan Schranz in AEL Limassol

Source: SHPORT.sk

From bottom to top

Are you waiting for a fight for the title with AEL Limassol instead of Dukla Praha rescue battles?

"The whole season has now turned me in. With Dukla we've been playing mostly from the first round of rescue, and today I came to a team that loses only two points from the first and divides the second part with Apollo Limassol. So I think I came to a different one and I am sure we will not only fight for the top, but also for the title. I am very excited. "

Do you think that AEL Limassol has a completely different mood than Prague Dukla?

"I can't compare it so far, but I think it's natural and normal, it's not perfect if it's the last one, losing eight games and losing a lot of points to the closest competitors. Then it's not perfect anywhere. It's always better if You are up and playing the title, in which case there are also psyche and self-confidence at a higher level.

When will you be able to dress AEL Limassol for the first time?

"It's hard to say. I don't know how much I am administratively amplifying my move. Today we play a cup game that I will not play yet. On Sunday, we will meet on the League program, which I could say in theory, but I dare not say it completely safe."

Cyprus is warm all year round. More, Sun, Football … Is it a dream for every footballer? Any year holidays?

"I don't know, I don't know what will be this year's holiday. I'll just know (laughs). Now, seriously, it won't be a holiday. Time here is really good for almost the whole year. In any case, working in AEL in Limassol will be an interesting experience."

The transfer of Ivan Schranz to AEL Limassol was the result of cooperation between the two agencies, HMP-Sport Managment and Neuschl. "AEL Limassol is a quality club that regularly stays at the top of the league's local championship, and is also fighting for the title this season. The talks were also extremely fast and specific regarding the expected end of the transition period and the club's interest in the player, so we didn't hesitate too much," he insisted Sport.sk player agent Erik Neuschl.



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