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Both Halak and Lundqvist experienced it. The failure to recognize steal goalkeepers is very simple. Do you know Vehvilainen?

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Goalie players are a special kind. They need more time to mature than field players. And then there are hockey scouts who refuse to recognize the talents, even if they are right in front of them. One of the dismissed is the Finnish goalkeeper Veina Vehvilainen. That was the case.

"We were told that it would not be bad to come and taste the atmosphere of the NHL for the project, so I came to Calgary 2000. It seemed like I was going to go third or fourth round when six and nothing came, I say, until there is such a good idea to come here. "I began to feel uncomfortable. "

"Then someone told me that Dallas would choose me when he came for advice, I began to die, waiting for my name, and then came:" We choose the Czech Poldi Kladno club … " Remember the goalkeeper in Sweden Henrik Lundqvist.

No, Lundqvist never played Kladno. Only Dallas then chose Ladislav Vlcek. Does not the word do you do anything? Currently, the HC Řisuty third league club never played the NHL until Lundqvist became the legend of the whole league. After seven New York Rangers run.

Similar contours have a story about another European goalkeeper. It's called Vehvilainen Wine. Do not you know No one from Lundvvist knew him at his age. Soon after, he chose the project, but after that, all the NHL clubs were wound up for three years.



Vehviläinen is the Kärpätt Oulu pillar and belongs to the ultimate goal of the entire league. Karting's last successful junior spokesman led Karpatha last season and became the best goalkeeper for the season.

Despite the success, the 21-year-old Finns remained unthinkable. Then Columbus, Chief Executive Officer of Finland, joined the case Jarmo Kekäläinen. In the project this year, after Vehevilen, was the "project".

"As the head manager of HIFK Helsinki in 1998, I was an unlucky goalkeeper and in 1998 we won the Finnish title. He came to the NHL as a 32-year-old to win the Stanley Cup, NHL's best goalkeeper and best player – quoted the Kekäläinen portal, which touched Tim Thomas.

He would not have gone

Jaroslav Halák

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Jaroslav Halák

Source: Sports Magazine / Milan Illík

Vehviläinen continues to work well this season. Slovak invader Michal Krištof became a monthly player with impressive numbers in October – an average of 1.13 goals in each game and 95.4 percent success rates.

Jyväskylä's homeland could not claim louder invitations to a senior representation. In their international debut, men took two pure numbers – against the Czechs and strong Swedes. It was held at the weekend in the prestigious Euro Hockey Tour tournament home.

"On the ocean coast, Vehvilainen has leveled its height. The NHL's goal for the prototype is now 190 cm, he's 185," portal.

Boston Jaroslav Halak of Slovakia's goalkeeper is not even 180 cm. He was therefore trained fifteen years ago in the 27th place in the ninth round.

"Today, in my opinion, no one will be defeated because everyone wants big goalkeepers. Only I and Ju Saros from Nashville are the only goalkeeper NHL with less than 180 cm" recently revised Halak about the media.


Henrik Lundqvist.

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Henrik Lundqvist.

Source: SITA

18 years ago, the legendary Lundqvist did not believe in New York. That's why 21 projects struck 21 other goalkeepers. As noted by, 13 of them never miss the NHL.

Lundqvist accepted it from project to profile for five years. Well, since then, New York's "riders" had been his only ones. He was 23 years old. When Vahvilin completes Oulu, he will be the same.

"Just imagine: one of the best players in the history of the club, and therefore we have turned it off, and I have the good fortune that I looked at our Swedish scout, Christer Rockström, who has gone from the start" she remembered NY Rangers assistant chief executive Don maloney


Lundvist, the late Olympic champion and world champion, was a big mistake, with a happy ending at 205th place. As in the same year in the case of Ľubomír Višňovský. He came after 118 designer's suggestions.

"Lundqvist was supposed to go first, Vishnov as the eighth," 2000 Review Project.

What a big mistake in Vehvilainen? He speaks of him as the heir to the throat of the Finnish goalkeeper after the successful Tuukkas Raskas.

"The development of the new goalkeepers is highly unpredictable, and Rask is considered a poor Toronto and we all know what happened after the replacement of Boston, Vhvilainen is conscious and trustworthy, and he lacks a centimeter but a flexible, moving and strong line-up game" rated by



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