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Awards TREND TOP 2018: Vyhrali Meško, Eset i Jaguar Land Rover | companies


On the 21st week of the economic week, TREND has been awarded yearly awards for extraordinary business results in the category "Annual financial year, annual bank" and "Annual insurance company". TRENDU and readers, along with economic personalities, once again voted as head of the year and investor.

The company for the year 2018 became the company for the sixth time Eset. The prize for the most successful bank was taken after last year's second place Slovenská sporiteľňa. Benefit is the most successful insurer's position Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa.

For the second time, they also paid the price to the Tax Officer. The automaker has clearly defended his position Volkswagen Slovakia. This ranking is compiled by the BMB Leitner Professional Guarantor.

The 2018 man has become Michal Meško, Martine's manager – the largest online bookstore in Slovakia. The investor's title was awarded in 2018 Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia.

The most successful company, bank and insurance company has set up an assessment model that compares their economic outcomes. Otherwise, it is the Head of the Year, for which TRENDU readers (50% by weight) and the personality of the Slovak economy voted TREND's barometer (also 50%). 33% TREND reader, 33% TREND barometer and 34% KMPG are those who voted for the Investor.

The prestigious prize was awarded to award-winning bosses on a festive evening at the premises of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra in Bratislava.

Annual TREND prices for exceptional business results
Company in 2018 Annual Bank 2018 Insurance company in 2018
the first Eset s.r.o. Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s. Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa, a.s.
the second SaarGummi Slovakia, s.r.o. VUB, a.s. MetLife Europe d.a.c.
third Handtmann Slovakia, s.r.o. Tatra Bank, a.s. Generali poisťovňa, a.s.

Eset again first

Slovakia's IT giant Eset has won another hatricku for the third consecutive year, after winning the title of "The Year of the Company", for three consecutive victories over the period from 2008 to 2010. The national sales of EUR 470 million, which increased by sixteen percent year-on-year, while Eset dominates the Slovak pet sector. An even greater hegemony can be seen from tax on profits. Its business performance dropped 11 percent last year, but it even reached a staggering 65.5 million euro, making it nearly two-fifths more profitable for the sector's profitability. The steady growth of ESET is a great result of business completion, as the company obviously finds and maintains customers in the challenging and changing IT security environment. Almost all Eset's sales resulted in external markets, especially in Europe and North America. The company has traditionally been strong in research and development activities that keep its technology at the forefront of IT security.

For the second year in a row, a rubber and plastic gasket sealed in Germany, a silver girl in SaarGumm doors, windows and luggage compartments. Like the entire automotive industry, SaarGummi has had good times in recent years. During the last two years, the Slovak daughter has been particularly successful. The company's profitability is mainly because it has expanded its client portfolio after the crisis, and is increasingly focusing on more complex, higher value-added seals. The quality and efficiency of SaarGumm's Slovak branch is such that it is already a center of competence for the entire parent group.

Third place belongs to Slovakia's daughter of Slovak supplier of Handtmann, German automotive industry. The company is dedicated to the casting and subsequent processing of aluminum components, which is mainly geared towards German premium car manufacturers. Handtmann Slovakia continues to grow, the company's sales volume has doubled in the last three years. Last year they exceeded 22 million euro, when compared to the previous year they increased by almost 14 per cent. During the same period, net profit fell by less than eight percent to 1.6 million euros. The profitability of the company is seven percent, which is in line with the level of the entire metallurgical sector in Slovakia.

The company's 2018 estimate automatically includes all non-financial companies that have submitted their financial statements in the register or provided financial data last week, so it can not be applied for.

This year, 438 companies that meet all qualification criteria are qualified:

  • they have completed at least three full years of operation,

  • In 2017 their sales exceeded the 20 million euro limit and EBITDA was more than two million euros.

  • has had a positive economic outlook over the last three years,

  • By mid-October they published key management data for 2017 and previous years running the TREND assessment model.

After a break, return to the forehead

After the last year's break when TREND handed over to VUB Bank the Bank of the Year, it is again the Slovenská sporiteľňa title. Similar to last year, both banks rated only a small difference in points. Unlike its competitor in the hands of the Italian investor, the publisher had the most balanced rating in the indicated figures. In the fraud fight, it was best to have a savings bank, and even in the case of collection of deposits, it belonged to the poorest financial home.

As usual, it is one of the largest capital investment banks, and its capital is expected to be a system that is a significant bank. VUB also remained a strong savings bank competitor last year, even without a strong injection, as received two years ago from its subsidiary dividend. The third place was defended by Tatra Bank, which mainly emphasized the profitability and ability to attract customer deposits.

New insurance winner

After changing the criteria that better reflected the impact of one-time life insurance, Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa won for the first time in the second-time, the most profitable insurance company in the market. It helps to maintain both market share and unrivaled profitability. Second place was acquired by the Slovak insurance company Metlife, which is constantly growing on the life insurance market. The trillion is closed to Generali, which, having taken over the brand Genertel and the European travel insurance company, annually increases the number of new clients requiring insurance companies in large insurance companies.

The fourth car maker died

Jaguar Land Rover's investment in a new production facility in Slovakia is one of the largest investments in the automotive industry in Europe over the past decade. The investment of 1.4 billion euros by the British luxury car manufacturer, owned by Tata Motors Indian Holdings, is significant as it will generate new production capacities needed to meet global demand. They pursue the ambitious goal of becoming a strong international player who is able to compete with certain bonuses. The factory located in the Nitra Strategic Industrial Park has a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles a year.

Interview with Alexandru Wortberg, Head of Slovak Jaguar

In general, the company plans to employ less than three thousand people in Slovakia. The factory produces only one model: the Land Rover Discovery, whose full production will move to Slovakia over the coming months from the English islands. The state car dealership agreement also mentions the possibility of a second phase, which would increase local production to 300,000 cars, reaching 3900 employees and investing another 520 million euros. However, the final decision has not yet been taken.

Annual accountants

Michal Mesco returns to Martinus Bookstore Martinus from high school. He first talked about him as a programmer and gradually worked as the director of the largest online bookstore in Slovakia. He admits that, although he has managerial education, he does not consider himself a typical driver and never imagines he will become a leader.

Interview with Michal Meško

Among other candidates, the head of the manufacturer of iron alloys OFZ Branislav Klocok, Alexandr Kusá, Director General of the SNG, Roman Jurass, General Manager of the Generali Insurance Company, and Milan Veselý, Slovenian Head of State.

Five nominees nominated the TREND Editorial Board for the week, and were voted by the Slovenian executives as well as by registered readers.

Evaluation criteria

(simplified, more detailed description can be found in TREND TOP 2018)

Valuation system Companies in 2018
Results 2017 (% by weight) Results 2016 (% by weight) Results for 2015 (% by weight)
Change of sales 10 5 1.67
Operating profit + depreciation / earnings 10 5 1.67
Share / property together 10 5 1.67
Real estate is cleaned up 10 5 1.67
Net Property / Equity 10 5 1.67
Return on equity 10 5 1.67
in total 60 30 10

Banking Rating System 2018

Results 2017 (% by weight) Results 2016 (% by weight)
Changes in market share of loans 10
Changed market share in deposits 10
Return on equity 15 5
Operating costs / operating income 15 5
Equity equity / capital adequacy 15 5
Bankruptcy Coverage 15 5
in total 80 20

Insurance company's 2018 rating system

Results 2017 (% by weight)
Changes in market share (2017) 30
Return on equity (2017) 30
Insurance profitability (2017) 30
Solvency II factor (2017) 10

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