Monday , February 6 2023

Adela Vincze is positive! They are quarantined with her husband Viktor, HOW the infection gets!


Adela Vincze and her husband are regularly tested for coronavirus because they both often come in contact with many people. In addition, they are also responsible for the health of their colleagues so that they do not bring infections to the work team. Until now, tests have always been negative, today this is only half the truth.

While Viktor Winch also showed a negative result in other tests, Adela is already positive. “Greetings from the quarantine. Adelka is positive, I’m negative again after a new PCR test – so far “ wrote Vincze on Instagram and attached a photo of them both at home, apparently without any editing.

In recent years, Adela has slowed down:

He also provided information on how the infection manifests itself. “We don’t suffocate, we don’t lie in fever, we haven’t lost the taste or smell – yet. We don’t know where we come from, we don’t know what the next thing will be,“Victor wrote honestly. However, it is clear that the heels will not be out of the house for at least the next 10 days. This will undoubtedly affect the work activities of both to some extent, but this is probably the least important in this situation.

But Victor does not hide his disappointment, they and Adela have just had a holiday plan. “Last week, I would not have said that our winter holidays will take place at my permanent residence, but since I am already imprisoned in this cow resort, at least it is with my favorite partner. “ he did not lose optimism even in this situation and traditionally added dear words to his wife. They can be trusted that the infection is asymptomatic, as is the case in many cases.

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