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We know how the Narcos: Mexico will end. This is part of what makes it so good

Michael Peña, well, is played by Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent who has just been recruited in Guadalajara, Mexico, in Netflix Narcos, Mexico.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

There is a short episode of the scene Narcos: Mexico which reveals a lot about the culture in which drama is staged. It lasts for at least one minute, but the entire eight-part series is visible.

A spokeswoman for the DEA, newly appointed to work in Guadalajara, Mexico, is visiting a local bar, Michael Pena. He has been told that this is his job – to chat with local policemen and officials from various levels of law enforcement and receive some intelligence. Being young, he manages to attract a low local police officer. The new policeman tells Kicke that his uncle got him with the police and now he receives a reward of 10 percent of his salary. The new policeman shoulders shoulder. It works.

Narcos: Mexico (at Netflix on Friday) is about drugs, money, ambitions and corruption. Often this particularly applies to the latter – everyone expects a measure for a fee, and therefore Mexico was in the persecution of the sea, which was exceeded by drug cartels. No one in the bottom or middle has enough money to live comfortably, so bribery and selling are raging.

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Narcos: Mexico is a great thriller in the first Narcos series, where Wagner Moura appeared as Pablo Escobar.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

It's a great thriller, it's the first level Narcos A series in which Wagner Moura appeared as Pablo Escobar. At this point Narcos the narrative can be considered as sequential, increasing to the level Wire given the existence of a serious thinking odysey in the parallel crime and law enforcement world.

"It's not a happy ending. In fact, it's not over," we talk in the beginning with a voice. We know it. It is a fact that this week in the United States, one Joaquin Guzman Loera – El Chapo is scheduled to be tried. But this is also the fact that his outfit, "the largest drug trafficking organization in the world", according to prosecutors, is still operating.

What Narcos: Mexico this is the story of the origin. It's in the late 1970s, and many Americans smoke marijuana. Delivery comes from Mexico, and some farmers are tired of the bureaucratic problems that really do not want to turn them off. They just want to be repaid. Alongside, comes the Angel of Angels Felix Gallardo (Diego Luna), who until now was a policeman. Mostly he has just been called Felix, and he has a simple solution: to make marijuana marketing a real business with highly organized cultivation, transportation and sales. His plan is to determine what would be the first drug cartel.

In the early stages there is one beautifully designed action scene, which is surprisingly simple but illuminating. Felix brings his farmer to Guadalajara to agree with local drug bosses. This is a lucrative deal, but they are laughing at the mountains. Someone is taken and then … nothing happens to the aged. People in this restaurant have been sitting after someone has shot the dead and they are just waiting. At this point it takes place around 1980, and normal nature is already under threat.

Diego Luna, well, is played by Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, a former police officer whose plan is to determine what would be the first drug cartel.

Carlos Somonte / Netflix

In the first five hours that appear to critics, it appears sometimes as a wise series of repetitions in the same storytelling strategy. Bunch of guys get together. There is an exchange of information, and sometimes there is also an argument. But what you grasp is that this is an ever-increasing story, and there is a tension in the knowledge that everyone is dead or jailed.

This is a very male drama. There are many women's characters that a lot to say or do. Felix's wife Maria Elvira (Fernanda Urrejola) is just as hard as a nail and skeptical about turning her into a subtle business. But the story is not her. Her husband plans to set up a "doping OPEC", and his own story tells the engine. It is worth noting how many men are drama, but it's derived from real events for men, not for others.

A man known as El Chapo began his career as a small-time marijuana farmer in the Sinaloa region in the 1970's. That's right there Narcos: Mexico begins. El Chapo will later work on the Guadalajara cartel, run by the real Felix Gallardo. At that moment, the cartel was chiefly concerned with cocaine coming from Colombia to the United States. When real Gallardo hosted the real Kiki Camarena, the chaos followed the era from which El Chapo appeared triumphant.

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It happened. This is not fiction. Freedom is taken with the true story Narcos: Mexico but only to streamline what is a horrific story of terrible adversity and worse damage.

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