Thursday , February 25 2021

Wall Street diving red, losses caused Apple fears

WASHINGTON: US stockpiles collapsed on Monday (November 12th), initially raising fears about Apple iPhone's expansion to the rest of the market.

Reduced losses fall from the end of last week, when fears of global economic growth and inflationary pressures have pushed investors to retreat.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average benchmark dropped by 602.12 points, with a loss of 2.32 percent to settle 25,387.18.

The broader S & P 500 fell by 54.79 points (1.97 percent) to finish 2726.22, while the technological heavy Nasdaq slipped to the poorest, losing 206.03 points (2.78 percent) to 7,200.87.

The Goldman Sachs also dropped by 7.5 percent in terms of the financial sector, and General Electric was the lowest in nearly an entire decade for the attack engineer.

In the past, VIX, market volatility was at its highest during the week.

By mid-afternoon, the wide slide urged President Donald Trump to point his finger, not to mention any evidence, to the Democrats in Congress, who won the House of Representatives' control last week.

"President's harassment with Dems outlook triggers stock market big headache!" he wrote tweet. The market fought the day after the vote.

At the beginning of the day, the volume of trade was comparatively thin due to festive celebrations – veterans' day – which could contribute to instability. Bond markets were closed.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that Trump began to consider the discovery of car prices by sending General Motors in red and helping to mitigate the market.

Many Apple iPhone manufacturers suffered from the day, and investors did not worry about it, as sales expectations from the lead company dropped.

Shares closed more than five percent. Laser sensor maker Lumentum Holdings, the supplier of components, seated itself almost 33 percent.

"Apple's supply chain ecosystem is beginning to feel the demand slider," said Matt Miskin, AFP's John Hancock Investments, noting that he is still waiting for a strong holiday season in the technology industry.

"Thanks to weaker global growth, technology companies are beginning to cut prices."

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