Monday , October 3 2022

UFC news rumors: Conor McGregor invites one championship, CM Punk's new MMA role


Following the historic trade seen by former UFC Major Champion Demetrious Johnson for one championship on an unbeatable semicircle, Ben Askren, messages appeared on Wednesday that UFC stopped dividing men's 125 pounds and massacred in the process. The reductions were a lot of calling ONE to sign the fighters in the array of staff who are now looking for work, and among those who urge ONE to collect these 125 pounders is nothing other than Conor McGregor; although the way the former two-division champion was based was a bit harsh.

On Thursday, McGregor moved to Twitter to support the signing of the available mass sources, but reading it in Twitter is actually as complex as the public blame at the ONE Championship for distributing the UFC massive weight, not simply encouraging them to help their fellow fighters.

Now, given the context, Chatri Sityodtong, the leader of the ONE championship between McGregor and the person he has specifically included in Twitter, has a bit of a history. In an interview with CNN in 2017, Sityodtong stated that his company would never have been interested in signing free agent McGregor, because his failed antics have marked the "true martial arts representative."

Even the still-appealing goal of McGregor here seems to be a bit when he is surrounded by the fact that ONE's desire to get Johnson was what ultimately led to the death of the division of men's weight. The fact is that there really was not a well-hidden mystery that the UFC 125-pound division has almost been a life support for some time; reports that fell on Wednesday really did not leave too many fans who were stunned by disbelief.

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UFC has not yet approved the weight loss section of the ad.

More UFC news, rumors

  • CM Punk returns to MMA – just no fighting ability, not UFC. The Cage Fury Wrestling Championship announced on Thursday that Punk will join its broadcasting team for its first UFC Fight Pass event, which will take place on Friday, December 14th. The punk dropped to 0-2 in his career with the unanimous decision of the loss of Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in Chicago.
  • One of the stages of the championship is the publication of booklets these days, and on Wednesday evening, the United States. ONE discovered that former UFC female champion Miesa Tate has joined the organization's new vice president. Tate will move to Singapore to take on his new professional role.
  • Aaron Pico is returning to the Bellator cage. The ad has announced that the 22-year-old light body crowd will host Henri Corrales at Bellator 214 on January 26th. The four wins in the winning flop in the race against Corrales Pico must be the first real challenge since his first-ever debut of Zach Freeman's loss last June.

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